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Effect: Performer takes part of deck of cards, gives one card to Spectator No. 1, two cards to No. 2, and three cards to No.3. He makes mental note of who is No. 1, No. 2, and No.3, but does not mention this to audience. Next he calls attention to remaining cards among which he separates three cards. For instance, Ace, Five Spot and a Court Card. Leaving room or turning back he asks the three to each take one of these three cards and place in pocket Next he asks holder of Ace to take a few cards from balance on table, same instructions to holder of Five Spot, and likewise the one holding Court Card. Immediately after-returning to room, or turning around he points out the holderc .

Five Spot and Court Card, . altho-he has not seen_any^-of~the...transaction^nor-uses an assistant in any way. Best card effect you ever ran up against.

Method: We send with this effect directions for a very excellent one known as the Mysterious Apple, Egg and Orange. You will note that in this puzzling experiment the entire success lies in the fact of remembering a few simple words that contain the vowels A, E and 0; its working is simplicity itself and cannot fail.

Read over these directions carefully so you get the general idea of it; then you are ready to present Satanic Prophecy and show your friends a most unbelievable effect with cards that will prove a joy to your audience as well as yourself, for it really is a marvel of ingenuity and should always create a decided sensation.

Let a deck of cards represent your apparatus. Plan beforehand to mark the center of the deck so you can cut off 27 cards for the experiment and have an Ace, an Eight Spot and a Court Card among these to use, and where you can get them easily and appear to simply have taken them at random, or simply count off 27 cards and proceed in that way.

Lay the Ace, Eight and Court Card on table for time being and with the 24 cards in your hand, pass them out in same manner as described to do with counters in the Apple, Egg and Orange Trick. Now you lay balance on table, turn your back or leave room and ask that three persons each take one of the other three cards, that is the Ace, Eight and Court Card and place them in their pocket so you can't see them at any time. With each holding one of these cards, ask them to take the number of cards exactly the same as described in the Apple, Egg and Orange effect.

To do this, all you have to do is remember A stands for Ace and same number of cards are to be taken by that person as tho they were holding the Apple. Note Ace and Apple both begin with A. Next person with Eight you note begins with E same as Egg. Let same rule apply again and the party takes same number of cards for Eight as he would if it were Egg. Third party with court card takes same number of cards as would apply to Orange.

With Ace and Apple beginning with A and Eight and Egg beginning with E, it will be easy enough to remember that the court card is the third one and represented by the Orange in the trick and he takes four times as many cards as you originally gave him at the start. The entire trick is worked exactly as Apple, Egg and Orange is, except you make a card trick of it and use cards for counters. Try it and I am sure you will like the effect in this new dress.

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