Satanic Book Test

Effect: An unprepared book is shown by performer. A spectator is requested to insert a playing card at raindom anywhere in the book. When this has been done, the playing card is used as a lever, and just previous to opening the place in book where card is, the performer states what page numbers are on right and left side where card is, tells what top sentence is on either or both pages, and in other ways reveals that he has correctly divined in every way possible, just what position the card has been placed in the book, and the contents at this particular place.

Secret: Have some book that you have had a moment to look over. Where ever you open the book, quickly commit to memory, the page numbers, top sentence on page or pages, and anything else that you think might help add to the mystery, for the more data you are able to offer, the better the effect.

This is of course all done secretly as well as the inserting of a playing card between these two pages, allowing the card to go to bottom of the pages and project about half an inch from lower edge of book. Holding the book in left hand-^hack-or -binding edge resting on left palm, open edge of book uppermost, that is mouth of book, the book itself really being held closed for time being. This position of book brings the projecting card toward body and is out of view of audience.

A duplicate card, both suit and value of card already in book,is given to a spectator, and a request made that this card be inserted in the book about half way. When this has been done, performer now states he can correctly divine the position of the card just inserted, and to prove this, he recites the page numbers on each side of the playing card, tells top sentence on each page, and in other ways he conveys the information that he knows exactly where the card has been inserted.

At the conclusion, or just about as he is to conclude, he grasps the card inserted by spectator, slides it down the book and in close proximity to where the one is that he has placed there previously, and with one move, the spectator's playing card is pushed into book so it is flush with edges of the pages of book, and the other card previously placed in book is slipped upward and used as a marker or lever to open the book.

To spectators, if the moves have been carried out properly, the performer has simply slid the card down to facilitate opening the book using card as a lever in opening book at place where the card was inserted, and when book has been opened, the pages are noted to have been correctly divined; also as to what the top sentences were, number of page on right and left, and such other data as performer was able to commit to memory in the short time required when he secretly inserted his own playing card before presentation of the effect.

With some practice and providing the spectators card has been inserted correctly, the performer may bring spectators card down directly over the one he inserted, and with one move, slide the two cards upward, open book, and pull out the two cards as one, this added effect allowing the book to be thoroughly examined after the. experiment.

Many performers need only an idea to work up some really wonderful effects and in this instance it is quite possible for the progressive performer to elaborate on this ingenious idea, and using its basic feature, develop some truly marvelous effects in various ways.

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