Pulse Test Extraordinary

Effect: Medium states he has absolute control over his pulse and may cause it to stop and start while his wrist is securely held by a disinterested spectator, to prove he is actually complying with his assertioii. Having made this bold statement he asks a spectator to volunteer to act as a judge and placing the spectator's hands on his wrist so he may feel the pulsation, he in a most remarkable manner actually does make his pulse stop or start functioning as he sees fit. A problem that will bewilder physicians as well as the ordinary audience.

Method: Procure at a Novelty Store (most of the so-called Five and Ten Cent Stores will answer nicely) a small solid rubber ball that is correct in size so it will fit snugly up under the arm in the arm pit. If correct in size it will stay there and not cause any inconvenience, nor be unfomfortable-This is of course done previously to showing experiment. It should be placed under the left arm for best results.

As an additional suggestion-we might.state that a golf ball will answer very nicely in many instances and If you contemplate using this_where it will mean the presentation is to be delayed for various reasons, and to avoid the necessity of care to retain it, a hole through the ball with a loop of string to hang on shoulder will be found very handy. If golf ball is used, don't forget the interior of golf balls as a rule have a liquid inside the core of an acid nature; so if putting hole in a ball of this nature, use care to avoid any possible accident from this concealed liquid.

Probably the best way to put a hole thru a solid rubber ball would be to heat a large needle, hat pin or wire and force it thru the ball at stages by pressing the hot point against the solid surface until the hole is burnt thru to accommodate the string loop to be used.

Assuming you nave the ball secreted under the arm in manner already suggested,you are ready for demonstration. When spectator feels wrist and notes pulsation, ask him to state if he feels same. His reply being in the affirmative, you secretly bring pressure to bear against the concealed ball by a muscular movement so ball presses against the under arm at arm pit. This will stop the flow of blood and consequently the pulse will cease to function. Ask him if he feels the pulse and is it still active. He naturally will have to reply it has stopped. After a few demonstrations with him and others,if interested, you may continue farther in the following manner.

As pulse stops, appear to go into a trance, and under the atmosphere created by fact the pulse has ceased action, be prepared to answer some question that has been asked or written at an earlier stage that you have for some unknown reason left without giving the sitter or spectator an answer or reading as you were supposed to do. This suggestion used in connection with many so-called seances will add greatly to the profoundness of the whole affair.

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