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Performer, "My next experiment involves the principle of Mental Telepathy. I would like to have a gentleman assist me by merely.THINKING OF

three digits---such as 9-6-and 5—or any three figures. You Sir: Will you oblige me? Thank youI All I ask you to do is to HOLD, those three FIGURES in YOUR MIND. Please DO NOT CHANGE THEM, whatever you do. Keep thinking of them and NOTHING ELSE.

. "Nowj Sir, as you probably have had no PREVIOUS PRACTICE~IN MENTAL CONCENTRATION as employed in Mind Telepathy experiments--—I shall ask you to use this slate---and, as nr. aid to concentration, to write down on it---

the three figures you desire to CONCENTRATE on. Write them as LARGE as possible on the slate please,. Take up -a3 much space as possible. Write as LARGE as the size of the slate will- allow.

"Bef-—e writing just ^re-i over here, Sir—-away from everyone---so that no Gi^o else will see whr.t you vrcite. Right ¿bov.l: here, Sir (take gentleman by the arm and lead -hiu a :ay frcr. audience placing him to one '

side----or upon the platform) , This is ;>.o that even if I had a confederate in the audience for the purpose of iss;'.rjting zie, he o:: she will be UNABLE TO SEE WHAT YOU WRITE. (Hard party- the slate and chalk). Remember to write as L4R5E as possible please.. And ;mile you are doing it I will TURN MY BACK so there will be no cppor.:v.nity for me to obnerve the motions of your hand and thus get any iakling of th'j. figures. (Turn back). Now Sir'. Please write them down in the order yoti have decided on (party writes). Ready? Now hold thi slate directly in front of you——.about 12 inches frox the eyes-——and.gawe at it intently thinking as hard as possible--Faid think of nothing else. Exclude everything from your thoughts.

"Mental Telepathy, as you nay have oeard.. operates thru the principle of VIBRATION. By merely placing xj finger-tips against the temple of the subject------in... i:his._roanner——(placing right hand, c ant fining the Special fHm-t^-lairing MiTT-rn—agA-Lngt^-thft temple of the party). I receive the thought wave vibrations to which I have become extremely sensitive thru long patience.

"Keep thinking of It hard, Sir! (do not glance at the mitror at all at this point, but look away and toward the audience-----to distract attention) .

Try a little harder, Sir, to send your thoughts out toward me. (Now glance up and read the numbers shown by means of the Special Diminishing Mirror. As the CURVED SURFACE COVERS a WIDE ANGLE of focus you need not focus the reflector—---it will catch the pntire area of the slate and its figures, condensed to the mirror's range.)

"Perhaps standing close to you confuses you, Sir, as I only seem to receive ONE of the numbers. I will step over here (stepping away about 10 feet or more). Try to PROJECT a picture of the figures toward me. Ah! That is better! One of the «ambers seems to be THREE, Sir! Is that correct? Fine! Now think of the next number. That is it! Is it Eight, Sir? Excellent! Now try the last or remaining number:FIVE. Right, Sir? Thank you.

"Now let me see if I can get the ORDER in which you wrote the numbers down. That is; which is FIRST, which is SECOND and which is the LAST.

As this is more difficult than getting the numbers----as there is no number to fix your mind on--merely an ORDER or ARRANGEMENT—will you kindly show the figures on the slate to the audience WHILE I TURN MY BACK.

(Turn back to party---and REMAIN THAT WAY till the conclusion of trick).

Have you done so? Thank you----just hold it so the audience can see the numbers---keep it that way---and I will keep my back turned. Now with so many minds in the audience visualizing the figures I will try to give the arrangement. The first figure is FIVE! Right? Next is the 8.--No! Wait a moment. That is not right. I felt a strong wave of doubt that time. Some persons in the audience are thinking of the wrong number to try and test me! No, I see it better now. The next number is THREE. Correct? And the last number is EIGHT! The full number is FIVE HUNDRED and THIRTY-EIGHT. Right, Sir? Thank you!"


Effect: Three pieces of paper on which are printed the words GRAVEYARD, GHOST aad.SKULL respectively are given to someone to inspect. He is

requested■to fold the- slips j ' mix tbejn about and place them in a tumbler which is provided. The slips are then shaken about in the tumbler and the glass placed on • the table near the spectator. The same procedure is then followed with a duplicate set of slips, and a second tumBlér which is placed on a:- table at the performer's right.

.v. .'Now the performer removes' a slip from his glass and hands it to the spéotator.i The' spectator removes any one of the slips from his glass and gives-it-to the performer. The performer opens up the slip and reads the .

name which.we will.assume is SKULL. The spectator then- opens up his slip and reads -It .aloud.- His also reads SKULL. The effect, is repeated with the other slips. Each time the names coincide as tbo a ghostly influence with some uncanny power was acting as a guide to bring about this amazing triple -..coincidence,;

_ I believe this is the type of psychic effect that Ted Annemann would rejoice in were he alive today. You will not® that it is direct and to the point» requires no clumsy apparatus (only ordinary properties), can be done impromptu and on a minute's notice» and, when analyzed, the effect seems uncanày.- • - " ' ' . '

To-' perforin this effect you -will need • six small, printed slips o'f paper ; also some'extras. For impromptu working,-'you way prefer"'to cut or tear " squares of-paper, write, on them in pencil or pen, fold-and then go ahead with the trick, but thé-final results are all the same, •■ The word SKULL is; printed on two slips, GRAVEYARD on two, and GHOST on the remaining two. You will notice that each slip has been folded, three times. One set is marked so that you •■know the name written on each of these three slips.

The marks are made -fey taking each folded slip one'at a time and holding it so phat the last.folded. edge, of the paper will be to your left. In the- ;v..«. upper right hand'.corner of. one slip you place a thumb nail mark. This -, is the one on which is printed the word GRAVEYARD. On another with the.word GHOST printed on it you position a thumb nail mark in the center, of •• . the paper. ..The third .paper has no marking. The names marked are easy to., , remember as both begin with the letter G. Ghost is the shorter word,, so, going from left to .right, we have a marking (center) for the shorter word-firsts then the longer word next (the right and above). .•.-,.-,•::•■■•

Working: ..Whets working 'the effect, two tumblers, two boxes or two hats., may be used to put the .slips in. If desired, the containers may. be. dispensed with and the two sets of slips merely laid on the table, one set on one side, and the other on the opposite side,'

Request someone to come up and assist, you. Both of you open up your slips5 one et a time, and hold them, up so that the audience can see that you have two wetts of slips with each set bearing the same names. The name of each slip should be read aloud as it is shown. Have your spectator thoroughly mix your set and place then! in the glass beside him.

Remove one of the slips of paper-fro® your glass, note the marking so that you will know what is printed art It, and hand it to the spectator.

■ For clearness-in explanation,- let's assume that the first slip you , .

handed iiira reada SKULL. Now, tell, him to ANY-slip-that Jifi-carea to from his glass. To avoid the possibility of your accidentally seeing what is on the slip he is holding, you state that you will read yours first. Unfold your slip. Now, REGARDLESS OF WHAT NAME IS PRINTED ON IT, you look at it and read aloud the word SKULL. Naturally,,when the spectator opens up the slip you hand to him, he will read the same word: SKULL. Fold your slip and place it to one side on the table.

This^-saxoe—procedure is continued with all three slips. If by coinci-dence-"both slips are identical the first time, you have an effect that is out of this world, for you can immediately hand both slips to two other spectators for verification; Even tho they are not permitted to verify the next two slips, it will make little difference as to the impression given first time, which is that you wanted to show everything on the up and up.

Later, some people will think that you let them verify all the slips and will say so when they are talking to others about the trick.

Every now and then you will discover that, by chance, all three slips will correspond with each other as they are drawn. When this occurs , play the effect up for all it is worth. If the first and second drawings correspond, obviously the la t one is going to be the same. So when you draw slips the second time and discover that they, too, are the same, with all your oratorical ability impress the FACT that after each drawing the slips were passed for examination.

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