Much additional revenue can be derived from the sale of a book at this point in the program. We suggest our 'Six Lessons in Crystal Gazing' book, at $75.00 per 1000, and it can be readily sold at 25% or 50% the- cost, and one or two questions answered free with it after the show, in person, or a mail coupon enclosed.

Book is introduced by performer, explained, also the question privilege. Books are sold in the audience during the intermission. Every operator should investigate this extra source of revenue. More complete details, with suitable pitch or lecture will be furnished on request, with an order of 500 books or more.

many--of-yovir-have no doubt witnessed in seances and gatherings of this kind. I was amused one day by a medium - who had before her a table, such as you see here, and on that table were the customary tools of the medium...a tam-borine, pistol, bell hammer, and a glass plate. She exhibited a cloth, such as I have here, and held the cloth in this fashion, so that it concealed from the audience the articles on the table. In a moment, and to the amazement of everybody, the plate jumped off the table, right over her shoulder and broke into a thousand pieces on the floor. Serenely she smiled, and said that the naughty spirits had done that. (Same action takes place as performer talks. , This-is the Spirit Seance in Light operation.) Then distinctly we hear the ringing of a bell, then the hammer was driving a nail into the table...and bang, the tambourine was sailing around, out from behind the cloth, and into the audience...she stood just as you see me. And then I got a jolt, for the pistol went off with a roar. Then she proclaimed the seance was over that she caused the spirits to materialize and play their pranks under bright lights, which id something that nice spirits seldom do.

"My friends, that medium was a fake - a bogus medium, and here is how she performed the trick (Expose the trick by revealing hand off rod, with free hand scratching head). I know many of you were fooled, tho I warned you a few tricks would enter my program, just to see if you could detect them, and to show how clever some mediums really are, in their attempt to fool you.

"And now if two or three ladies and gentlemen will come forward on the stage to act as a committee, I assure you that you will be treated with utmost courtesy and dignity. I would like to have professional men and women, doctors, lawyers, school teachers, business people, and oh yes, any mediums in the house are especially invited.

"Thank you, friends. Now, if you will stand on either side of me, I will show you another experiment as you just witnessed, only on a larger scale, and without resorting to trickery." (At this point, assistant off stage, with black thread running from side to side across stage, manipulates the thread so that it catches in the hair of one of the committee (a stooge from the audience), causing the hair to rise. Stooge becomes frightened, wants to leave stage, etc., but performer holds on to him, finally quieting him down. Ropes are now passed for examination among the committee).

"Please examine these ropes, which I assure you are quite ordinary. They came from a nearby clothes line. Please tie one end of the rope securely around my right wrist, and do likewise with the other rope on the left wrist. Thank you. Now, I will cross my arms, and please bind them securely at the back so that I cannot possibly move same. Now please verify the knots which you may seal with wax, if you desire. Now, my friends, place upon my lap the pistol, tambourine, bell and hammer. Move the cabinet or screen in front of me, and then stand back from the cabinet, as anything is liable to happen."

(The pisf«l fires, tambourine rings, bell rings, and hammer pounds; instantly the performer calls, the curtains are opened, and there he remains securely in the chair, and his position and knots are again examined. Performer gets stooge in cabinet to help.)

"My dear friend, won't you please enter the cabinet with me, to keep me company, and then you will be an eye witness to xchat actually goes on," (After a lot of persuading and assistant pushing him in cabinet, stooge, sits on chair beside medium, holding his hands), "Ready, close the curtains,(Stooge now hollers and yells "Help, help, take them away, and let me out of here, let me out,.,..a lot of confusion, pistol again, noise presently. Out comes the stooge, apparently scared to death, with his coat turned Wrong side.out , ... jumps the orchestra pit and scrams out of the theatre:

"Quite a brave man, I'd say, tho not accustomed to ghosts. Unless there are others who desire to sit in the cabinet with me isn't there a blonde in the house, who would like to hold my hands well, than release me please, and again examine the knots to see that they have not been tampered with. Thank you, gentlemen."

(At this moment, an ordinary glass lamp chimney, resting on a back table, slowly moves across the table and crashes to the floor).

"Well, what's going on here. This theatre really must be hauntedl I desire now to show you spirit levitation...the levitation of heavy material objects by spirit■power, Here I have a heavy table. I judge it weighs between 40 and 60 lbs.'I want my assistant to sit at one side of the table, and any two of you at the other side. I will remain here, (Sits at table.') A candle is plnced on table by assistant, and lighted. All sic in chairs at table. If any more committee, they gather around. ''Now all please place only your finger tips on. the table top. Let us all concentrate, and earnestly wish that -our combined forces will be sufficiently strong to attract many spirit forces that will manifest themselves by moving or raising the table. If we are successful;, and the table does moves or rise-, do not be frightened, but move with it. wherever it may go, -as it will be the presence of friendly spirits."

(Table moves, bangs around, all following same. Stage is now dark except for candle, light) ,

"Manifestations are unusually good this evening..,we have attracted much supernormal strength,..remember, my friends, ¿11 ham's on the table, finger tips only touching' the top. Will one of you extra people oblige me-by sitting or. the table.•Madame, may I ask you a pars~nal question...your weight is...ah, 152 lbs, Thank you, a combined weight of more than two hundred pounds Let u.o strive again for success. Let us remain quiet. Yes, it's moving...the table is off the floor, please no one break the circle, as the consequences might prove tragic. Fine, steady." (Table bangs around, with spectator on same, and finally dumps spectator off table. Medium almost faints. See .i-.he~ vamlouo texts for operation in Spiritualistic table lifting.. lights up, and performer t-henks committee for their cooperation and dismisses-- them.) •

"Here I hove a pair of ordinary school slates. Perfectly clean on both sides, tho for future precautions;, I will wipe them with a rag. With the cooperation' of my entire nudionce, I will attempt to secure upon these blank slates a message for some ore or two persons in this audience.■ Who the lucky person is will depend entirely upon yourself. If you wish a.message just concentrate a.3 strongly as possible -on - what message you would like to receive.

"As this is.jone . of the serious portions, of my--program^ please let it remain very quiet. The slates are blank, as you see. I will place them together, and tie them with ribbon. Are there any medium's in the house., any one of you who : has studied spiritualism or attended developing classes? Thank you, madame, I perceived that you were very psychic and would you mind coming forward and helping me with your presence to get the message. (Get two, if possible, who stand beside you and hold the slates at the side with both hands.) Quiet, please, I ask your indulgence only for the moment. If there are no indications of success presently, I will be obliged to discontinue the experiment, as I have much more to show you. Did you hear that— sounds like chalk writing on the slate. I am sure we will be rewarded, and to you, my friends, I must give much credit. Let us open the slates...and behold, there is a message. (Reading from slate,.) Is there a Miss B.F. Green in the house. Thank you, Miss Green, you were mentally asking for a message sure you have been..,.because it is a message and signed Mother. I'll read it to you. Dear Daughterit wasn't Harry's fault... signed Mother. Do you recognize the character, and even the handwriting... thank you, my friend, and you too (to mediums) for this wonderful test.

"And now I wish to show you a very scientific experiment in static electricity and the power of levitation." (Assistant enters with electric light bulb with socket and extension cord. Performer turns out light, removes from socket, exit assistant. Performer begins to rub light on sleeve, then lights out, as bulb again lights.)

"Isn't it a proven fact that one can easily generate static electricity. Often you have noticed the static electricity when combing your hair, rubbing a cat's back, or shuffling over thick carpets. An electric spark will be generated, which can be seen aqd heard. In rubbing the bulb against the sleeve, I air. generating static electricity, which I shall presently release, and it will be sufficient so as to dimly luminate the globe. (Lights out, bulb burns and is operated according to the routine's instructions.) See, it burns lightly in the darkness,, tho only a very small amount of electricity is passing to it. Watch - see it remains in mid-air supported by no visible means - and at my command, it moves at will - here - there and thither." (Manipulates bulb over stage footlights, and to the first few rows of the audience - patter continues ad lib, according to the movements and presentations of the bulb - finally returned to stage turns off bulb at same time the full stage lights come up - bow.)

"That concludes the second portion of my show. A short intermission and then for the dark seance manifestations."

5 Minute Intermission

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