Effect? Performer' -passes out a smalL4>lank_card-and-envelope that card fits into. Both are examin<Ki_and- found unprepared; Performer now offers to give a true demonstration in Hindoo Prophecy, and suiting his words takes the blank card from spectator, writes something on same, folds it in half, allows-spectator to place in envelope and seal same. Spectator is requested to hold same up in full view all during the experiment to follow.

A school slate and chalk is now handed to some spectator. The spectator is now requested to write the following on this unprepared slate. The year he was born. The year some very important event happened during his life such as wedding, divorce (for comedy effect if desired) death, etc. His age, counting the birthday of the current year,(that is if birthday has passed, or is yet to come, to count it just the same) and finally, how many years since the Important event previously mentioned occurred.

All this is written on slate by spectator and not seen by performer. Next the spectator is asked to draw a line under his figures and total the amount. As soon as this is done, the spectator holding sealed envelope is asked to open same, take out card and read the Prophecy written on same. Imagine the surprise to all when spectator reads "The total to the four important events you have written down is —------" which will be found a

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