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This Is Dr. Q's method of seeing while heavily blindfolded. And we are more than pleased to present the good Doctor's own inimitable presentation of this mighty mystery effect. The latter is, indeed, more important than the method. For, of tha latter there have been several, most of them dependent upon being able to "see down the side of the nose" after a heavy blindfold has been put on.

In this Dr. Q's method varies but slightly, if at all. The Doctor uses the following.

1. Two borrowed half dollars.

2. Four strips of 1" wide adhesive tape, each 5" long.

3. Four strips of 2" wide adhesive tape, each 6" long.

4. A27" square of very heavy, dark silk cloth, hemmed at edges.

if the reader's face is small, the inch wide strips should be but 5" long; the 2" strips but.5" long and a regular linen or silk pocket-handkerchief may be used. A trial will determine just what Is needed.

Dr. Q recommends always first treating the eyebrows and eyelashes with just a little oil or white vaseline prior to the performance. Also, some facial astringent, such as Palmer's lotion or evenrwitch hazel or diluted 3-lcohol should be available for use afterward in order that the face may :' be relieved of the sticky feeling" which will-naturally result after the i j-'-nr.;-.. tapes are removed. :■ t-- ' 1

What follows is the proper méthod of having the blindfold appliedk This-application is done by two spectators, preferably qualified doctors, who aire part of the connnittea of ten or twelve which coinr.ittee the performer has invited on the stage and which is seated behind him in a sort of half - -circle. Tapes have previously beer; cut to size and are stuck loosely against the top adge of a small table or stand which is in front of the committee and just behind the performer. The dark silk scarf, or large handkerchief , is also on the table.

1. Place a borrowed half dollar at the center of one of the 1" wide tapes. It is pressed against the sticky side.

2. This is placed over the left eye, coin over the eye, and tape stuck on from the hair line at the center of the forehead to the base of the left cheek bone.

3. Another 1" tape is placed over the left eye running from the hair line at the left temple, over the eye, and down to the left lower nostril of the nose. Thus an X of adhesive—tape.», hnn-haan formed over the left eye.

4. With_-the_fcwo-rema J ni jig^JiLtapes^nd-aaoth^^

right eye is similarly treated. Now there is an adhesive tape X over both eyes with a half dollar at the center of each.

5. A 2" strip is placed over the eyes from temple hair line to temple hair line. This covers from about an inch from the forelock hair line to the middle of the nose.

6. Another 2" 3trip is placed just below it, coming almost to the tip of the nose.

7. A third 2" strip is placed on so that it comes just to the tip of the nose.

8. The fourth 2" strip is placed on "in any way, gentlemen, that you see fit." Usually it is placed right over the eyes, from one sideburn to the other.

9. The conaaittesxen are requested to "press the tapes well down into the eyes."

10. During all of the preceding operations the eyes have been held shut tight!

11. The scarf, or large handkerchief, has been folded over several times so that it is but about three inches wide. This placed over the tapes and tied, tightly, behind the performer's head. This completes the blindfolding process.

12. Open your eyes and you will be surprised to find that due to the bridge of your nose making it quite impossible for any adhesive to be permanently affixed to the skin next to it that you will be able to sea, quits well, down the sides of the nose. (Should there ever be a temporary inability to see, this nay be remedied by putting the hands up with the fingers on the outside of the blindfold and the thumbs going underneath r,nd deliberately easing the pressure of the adhe3iva a little while saving, "I wrrit to make certain that you tied the scarf good and tight. Yes, -hat is q*i±te alright."

We are now ready for Dr. Q's presentation, which we again present to you step by sten. Reaaa&er, ou &in c half circle b?hi; d you are ten or twelve ordinary chairs. ALoat four fast in front of the center chair is a small stand with the tapes' and scarf, or handkerchief. You are now ready to begin.,

1. "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I wish to attempt an experiment in something of qriite a different nature. I call it the Magic of Tomorrow, or the magic of the roind. I will r.esd ten or twelve men and women on the stage to assist me. Nothing will be done to embarrass you-JLn c:if way. You will simply serve as a small body of investigators and helpers who will aid me in-getting resets. Please let's have ten or twelve, quickly. We need both men and women. Thank you, all of you, for coming. And won't you be seated in these chairs?" (Committee is seated).

2. 1 'HovrTHany^iine^-iir-you^ —Hsighf unseen?" Hundreds, I'll wager. For example, you've said "Why, I'd buy it sight unseen." Or, 'he offered $100 for the machine, sight unseen.' But have you ever stopped to analyze the true meaning of the words ---- sight unseen?

Or,, conversely, unseeing sight? Both cases refer to a certain knowledge obtained without the use of the eyes. Call it 'hunches', 'intuition'----

'extra sensory perception' or what yoijt-^will, there is a distinct possibility of human beings being able to see without the uf>e of the eyes. Let's try an, experiment, but first, may I borrow two half dollars." (Get these either from the committee or from spectators in the audience. In event none are quickly forthcoming you may use your own, or instead, may use square cotton pads sold under the trade name "Couettes," or the front covers of two books of paper matches, Líío folded business cards, in fact, almost anything of a similar size.).

3. "Are there any Doctors or Nurses in my committee, or in the audience, or anyone trained in first aid work? (If so, use them. If not, use any two members of the committee.) I wish you would blindfold me so that I cannot possibly see." (Now have yourself blindfolded as set forth hereinabove. The persons doing the blindfolding will do exactly as you wish provided you gesture with your hands as to what you want done. For example, when you want the 1" tape with the coin in the center placed acrosp the left eye, gesture with the left hand from the center of the forehead to the left cheek bone. Also, you can help put the tapes in place. If you should have two people who simply will not obey orders, don't worry. Remember, there isn't much that they can possibly do to keep you from seeing if you keep the eyes shut while the taping process is going on.)

4. "Are you completely satisfied? Now I wish to have two things done. First, will each, one of the committee hold out, on his or her outstretched palms some object for me to identify? II. may be common, or uncommon. Anything at all. Do not shut your hand over it for I do not pretend to read your minds. That I shall demonstrate later. This is purely an exhibition of seeing without the use of eyes. Second I shall need a guide to assist me to walk from one end of the committee to the other. I should really hate to walk right off the stage and fall into the laps oí the audience. Please will someone help me? Just take my elbov and leád r.^ slowly, to the first person at my left." (As you are led, keep the eyes r.Losed, This will make you simulate real blindness in a way in which you could never act it.)

5. Be led frcr. one committee man to the next, describing the object, or objects, held by each. Al£o3 you can describe his or her clothes, appearance, jewelry he is wearing etc. We must emphasize these important points.

A. Point out three or four times, that you never touch the object; that your hands are more than a foot away from the object.

B. Never, never, never describe an object with the head tilted back and while looking right at it. Get a good glimpse of it while you are still a foot or two away, then slightly turn your back on it and describe it while: 1, your hands are behind your back and 2. you are sighting the next article.

C. Never miss a trick. If the person is holding a bill in.such a way that you can see the serial number, by all means give it; similarly with the date on .a..coin, the ini name and address on an envelope.

D. Enliven the proceedings all you can. Inject a quip where you^jc&iu If a hard looking man holds out one of those round__£±gareite 3r±ghtexa_say "Ah, he's holding a li£S^JLck^~-0ii^no7 That's a lighter. ]T"atir - vorvyr^

6. If some one person is holding out some thing unusual ask him or her, to keep on holding it until you get back to them. Use this as a finish. With your back to the person holding It you begin to describe the person and the article, removing first the scssrf, then the tape as you do so. Finally, as you come to your very last words you dramatically peel the balance from the face, raise it high in the air, drop it into the hands of one of the men of the committee and take your bow.

7„ Excuse your committee, endeavoring to shake hands with, and thank, each one. When they are seated, say "Thank you, every one of you - both members of the committee and the audience. Without your «®§?iatae&ait"is certain that we could have obtained no results at all." This will give you another chance for applause.

Dr. Q likes to conclude his presentation with 'a little more difficult experiment.' Sometimes he uses a Petrie Lewis metal card box (or as Doctor terms it, a Rüterberg card box) in the secret compartment of which is a bill bearing a serial number which the Doctor has memorized. At the conclusion of his performance, but while still blindfolded, he borrows a bill; has it twice folded and placed in the upper part of~-the-hox, which latter the Doctor holds behind his back at all times. He then closes the ..lid and inscediately has a try at "reading the serial numbers through solid metal." Naturally, he reads the numbers on his own bill and it is that that is revealed when the committeeman opens the box. Those familiar with this apparatus will realize that after the change it can be subjected to any amount of inspection and the secret will not be revealed.

On occasion, Dr. Q goes one step farther and arranges, quite openly, for three prominent citizens to act as head coTnnittee men. Ee says to them, "On the stage I will ask you to each think of sone object which you will place in a box, or any other receptacle which you wish. Now, so that the program will go without stage waits or pauses, I want you to each think of something, right now. Please don't tell me what it is. Have you done that? Good. Now just jot down these things so that you will not forget between now and the time of the performance. I don't want the paper. Tear it off and keep it with you so that you'll be sure and remember. I'll really appreciate your helping me in this way."

"You've gueosed It, Dr. Q has them write on an impression board or an Anna Eva Fay tablet. Later he simply has to read the carbon impression, or develop the Fay ur.derpad, and he has all the information he needs. The good Doctor builds this up as mindreading and assures us that not once has a committee failed to cooperate whole-heartedly with him. And especially since the Doctor is always nice enough to give each of them four or five good seats to the show.

During the show, and at the end of "Sight Unseen",Dr. Q asks, the three chief^conmil tt eemen.^jto-^step. off, stage, or ,in^-an adjoiiiing''TX>om~and "place any three objects in a box, hat, in your pockets or wrap it as you wish". This they do, bring the box or parceUback to the^JkK^tor-who_iias<rrihes^ as prearranged-without~going near the object.

There is no' doubt about it, mind reading is here stronger than ever. Here is a thought transcription trick that'is sure to shock your audiences into the realization that mind reading certainly must be a fact and not a myth. Performer hands spectator a sealed envelope with the explanation that he has made a prediction and sealed it in the envelope and that you would like him to hold the envelope up in full view while you conduct an experiment in thought transcription. Another spectator is approached and given a black card and a white crayon pencil and requested to think of any E.S.P. design or draw an original design of his'own choice on the black card and hold it up so all can see. The prediction envelope is now opened and card shown to the audience to have the very same design that spectator drew on the other card. You need a quantity of white envelopes. Paste a piece of white "carbon" paper inside the envelope. (A supply of white "carbon" paper is also required.)

Also needed are pieces of black cardboard. One piece of the black cardboard is placed in the envelope, black side against the white "carbon". Of course, this preparation is all prior to youx- performance. Seal the envelope and hand it to a spectator who holds it in full view of the audience. You explain that you have made a prediction and have sealed it in the envelope.

You ask another person to take the white pencil and draw any design,- E.S.P. character or to write any number on cnother black card, of course without your knowledge, and out of your line of vision. You then take the sealed envelope from the spectator, who has held it, and ask that the second participant show the design to everyone. This gives you ample tiiue to duplicate the design, holding the sealed envelope in your left hand and thu^b stylus, This you have attached to your right thumb,-;;. You need to only scribe the 'design on the face of the envelope, as in Figure #1.

This can also be done one-handed. Hold the envelope, as in Figure #2, on the face of the envelope, right second...and third fingers at back of envelope.


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