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Effect: A message written by one of the audience (more than one may also participate if desired) and after message is written, same is placed in envelope by spectator, sealed and held in their possession. A few moments later the performer tells what message was written, and furnishes an answer that is suitable for same.

Preparation: Take a small bunch of ordinary envelopes. Cut a plain piece of paper to a suitable size, so it will go in one of the envelopes, and if you anticipate more than one spectator entering into experiment, then prepare enough so you will have sufficient for all. Next cut some very thin black carbon paper the same size as.the sheet of paper, and insert this into the envelope so its shiny or carbon surface rests against the sheet of paper and then turn the bundle over so the carbon side of paper is downward. 3e sure all are placed this way, carbon side down, and with a few unprepared envelopes on bottom you are ready.

Presentation: It is best to perform the effect where there is no convenient place to do any writing, as we shall shortly explain. Take the bunch of envelopes down (or among) audience, and ask one or more to write some message, asking them to use their own paper, (and if some should ha-.a none, furnish them with same) allowing them plenty of opportunity however-: to furnish their own if they see fit.

Appearing to notice there is no place to do writing, you offer j^our pile of envelopes for them to use as a sort of firm place to place paper while writing their message. Now ask that the message be folded up to convenient size and placed in an envelope.

If you have done your part correctly, you should have a good carbon copy of the spectators message transcribed on the sheet of paper in the top envelope and of course you want to preserve this; so while message Is being folded, to apparently aid in making it convenient, you take pack oi: envelopes from spectator, and, unseen, slip the top envelope to bottom, and substitute one of the ordinary ones; thin latter one you offer to have message placed in and sealed. If more than one message is to be read, manipulate pile of envelopes so another ordinary one will be convenient for the next switch.

Having secretly secured carbon copies of the written messages, your next move is to contrive to read them unseen, which you do by proceeding after this manner, Walking back to your table, remove the carbon copy duplicates from the envelopes, and have them facing uppermost. Lay them on table starting to place them down on a bcx, or back of some object, but quickly correcting yourself, ycu place them in view; but during this previous mcva, allcw messages to drop back of box or object, where you may read them quickly and commit to memory the substance of each, and name of writer.

If working too close to permit this, secretly slip the envelopes with messages into your pocket or under vest, and placing what appears to be the entire park of envelopes on table, you excuee yourself, 3tating you neglected to get the piece of magic wire necessary to be used in the effcct to be presented.

&tep-back..of _acreen» _or^-iix other—room x auickly._draw,_j?ut--'measageg_and-. —read, and appear with a long piece of wire in hand. You now ask writer to place one -end. _in.Jiis hand, you placing the other end-against your forehead. Asking the writer to concentrate on the^message he wrote, you stall a little as tho you were having trouble getting the message, then proceed to state the question that was written, and answer it. Finish by asking person to take envelope from pocket and see for certain that they still have it in their possession.

You will find this a very fine effect in_so—called mental.telepathy, well worth your time to practice, and you..will work out a number of methods in which to secure the written message in duplicate as well as improving the methods mentioned here for making note of what was written from those "<->u have in your possession.


We take much pleasure in offering to the progressive magician and those who specialize in Mind Reading Acts, a very wonderful and what we believe to be, a never thought of idea in Mind Reading that once its truly marvelous value is comprehended, and its positively unfathomable and ingenious method is given.proper thought and study, will place in the hands of the performer, something that will revolutionize the present day methods of public as well as private Mental Telepathists in the presentation of this very interesting and entertaining as well as mystifying branch of the Magic Art.

First, let us say, we have evolved the idea', now you must do your part and give it the amount of serious thought and faithful study, the method warrants and if you do this, you will have something worth while, and a baffler for not only ordinary' members of the audience but likewise will prove an enigma to those who are more or less familiar with magic and its many uses in mental acts, mind reading effects, etc.

The main idea in this novel method is the use of the Morse Telegraphic Code, but not as applied in the ordinary way with electrical devices, but letting the various letters, numbers, etc. of the Morse Code become represented by colored beads so arranged on strings that thru their arrangement, they immediately become a perfectly legible series of letters, words and sentences as the case may be, thru this special arrangement.

Before going more seriously into the Morse Code, let it be understood that the colored beads need to be of only three colors, say Red, Black, and White. These beads may originally be all White, and colored with a quick drying Red or Black paint made by mixing the Dry Red and Dry Black Color, with a liquid composed of part water and part alcohol, the latter to make it quick drying, with a small portion of gum arabic mixed to keep the color from rubbing off the beads which are to be painted with these colors.

It might be mentioned that these colors may be varied to suit performer as well as the miyfurp,—£or~some Clay m-ivturp -iminln-ing—gflfinl jft^^

ether ^bananas-oil, etc. to pemit-alxaost instant drying of colors after applied, which as we have mentioned are to be used on white or transparent beads as we shall now describe.

Before the beads are to be painted the performer cr assistant should string a number of strings of the white or transparent beads (use a reasonably small-bead r,o they won't be too heavy, nor require a lot of painting) and have same ready for the applying of Red or Black Colors as case may be. The idea of the three color scheme with the beads, now will have to be rcore clearly outlined as it is to be used in conjunction with the Morse Code Alphabet.

The general idea is to let the Black Beads represent the Dashes in the Code, the Red beads to represent the Dots, and the White ones to divide the Bead Message, by using one White bead between each letter, and Two White Beads between each sentence, and occasionally say three beads for some special purpose as performer deems advisable.

Now let's get;", straight to it and make up a message with our beads and quick drying paint and see how it works out. Assuming you have strung a number of white or transparent beads on a strong thread, leaving the needle on same, and fasten the thread to needle so it won't slip out, you are ready for the message to be transcribed by the aid of the paint, beads and,as mentioned, thorough familiarity with the Morse Code Alphabet, knowing as you should what various dots and dashes and their combinations represent as letter A,B,C, etc. as well as the numerals and wherever possible, abbreviations of well known words, and even sentences that are sure to come into use at practically every performance. The Morse Code will be found elsewhere in this manuscript.

Let us as sum-: that "M=.y Brcwn vsna; to know if she will have success in her new position as Musical Director in Orchestra". You better not try abbreviating proper naaes too much, e--:cepc like Jas. for an.d others of similar nature, but use care so you will always get the name correct. So we will take a string of beads, lay them. dc:vv> where they will lay out fairly straight and with the two colors mixed up ar.d in flat dishes, you take two brushes, one dipped in Red, other in Black and, to avoid pickirg up first one then other, use both hands ¡.(this should not be difficult.) and start at end of beads; first leave white bead, then fcr "M' paint __ ___ (two dashes)

giving two beads a dab of black paint.

Now skip a white bead, for spsce as yru will remember and for 'A\ (dot and dash) paint first be's.d Red arid next Black, leave white bead for spacer; for fY' __.___(Dach,dot, dash, dash) painting bead

Black. "ext Red, next Black and next Black. Now you have the word 'MAY'

represented by BLACK_BLACK; White; RED .BLACK___; White; BLACK__RED. BLACK_

BLACK ; White; White: Now we can go right on with rest of name, spelling the word Brown in same manner: as we he.vai spelr.c2.MAY. Let's do this. We believe it is quite a wise idea to use a double bead at end of some words that might run into the next, and possibly use .r-;y three beads to terminate sentence, performer using his best judgment.

In this case we have signified two..White Beads to separate May from Brown which will be. optional with performer as he gets into the method more deeply and knows for a certainty if his assistant is cooperating with him in a manner that will make the messages perfectly understandable to each one after they have been completed by the bead method thru use of the characters as represented in coordination Jbetween-the-Beads...arid.J±ia.i}ol— andJOashesLjof. the Morse Code. Now to continue sentence.

We left off with two White Beads, so continue for 'B'_ . . . (Dash, dot, dot, dot) or BLACK_RED. RED. RED.; White; 'R'._. (Dot, dash, dot)

or RED. BLACK_RED. ; White; '0'___(Dash, dash, dash) or BLACK_

BLACK_BLACK_; White; 'W' .__(Dot dash, dash) or RED. BLACK_

BLACK_; White; 'N' _ . or BLACK _ RED.; White, White, White, and we have MAY BROWN. This you will begin to see, is going to be a very simple and fascinating way to transcribe your questions to be answered later right in audience, for having completed the entire sentence, abbreviating some words, leaving out others not essential, you have simply a string of pretty beads, and with the needle left on its one end, other end having a bead tied so they won't slip off, you could parade with this string anywhere; no one would ever dream it meant May Brown's question staring you in the face, ready for you to read.

It will be evident that the string of painted beads will all be quite dry almost as soon as they are finished, so all that remains is to plan so they may be worn in some suitable place where you may glance at them when you are before your audience. As you will have a number of strings of this same nature, they will all make a wonderful decorative feature if used with an appropriate costume, so we most insistently urge the costume of a Hindu or Indian which instantly is associated with beads and all such items or decorations and the wearing of beads will be well in keeping with nature of the costume.

To permit the performer to get these silent decorative messages, it should be arranged so there will be a series of thimbles with a cork inside sewed or otherwise attached to some sort of a collar, cape or mantle so the assistant may bring this on, and in placing same on performer, do it in such a way as to convey idea this extra piece of the costume, owing to its weird and beautiful array of beads, is to carry some unseen power in aiding the mentalist in his work. As you know, it does this with a vengeancc. but from audience's point of view, it should appear as simply a sort of impressive part of act, in nature, or perhaps an Oriental Custom or whim carrie-■. out to create the proper atmosphere.

These beads formed as mentioned are very easily arranged into various sorts of ornamental garb, by pushing a cork firmly inside of the sets of thimbles, you have a firm yet penetrative foundation to inrert the needles into and in this way you have the beads strung in a jiffy and later you can remove same easily and be ready for next performance, for not only are string of beads easily detached by pulling the needles from the cork filled thimbles, •but thimbles are in position for fastening next set of bead messages', and incidentally, the corks may be removed easily when they become too porous to hold firmly.

The beads when removed being,as you remember, all white or transparent but painted here and there with water colors, you simply take a clean damp cloth and wipe off the paint, using the cloth sufficiently so beads are all clean, and you are all set for repainting new messages without having to bother with restringing, etc. which would be necessary if one should attempt to use permanently colored beads in place of the white ones painted.

We might mention here that while the assistant has been opening the questions from those in audience and painting and-arranging the beads in the manner just mentioned, the performer should as is usually the case, give a leeture-oxi'-ttieirtal, .telepathy,__mijid- Trtak^

as .possible, and so'tharfc^^ may be, to allow assistant ample time to get bead massages ready and arrange same and bring on,the latter being done by some silent signal, which will allow the .performer to dispense or close his discourse, then beckon the assistant to come on, who does so, and to place the bead mantle, necklace^, head gear or whatever arrangement is decided on, on him and assistant to retire.

Performer may now read the questions to be answered as he sees fit, and may or may not use a clear glass crystal in conjunction with it, this being optional with performer, and should be decided after taking into consideration the nature of work being presented, the audience, place of presentation and considering just what the performer said in his lecture regarding the marvels of mental work and how he was abo^t to accomplish. If he mentions the Mystic Wonders of the Crystal by all means use a crystal; otherwise it may be omitted as performer sees fit.

In presenting this novel angle in mindreading, we have assumed and we hope have done so correctly, that the performer is perfectly familiar with all the regular phases in the so-called mind reading acts such as how to make a proper and interesting speech or lecture, how to arrange for switch of dummy questions for those written by audience, and such other elementary matters necessary to enable act to be presented properly; for the purpose and intent of this treatise is simply to put forth in as plain and understandable manner as is possible, how to use strings of colored beads in conjunction with the Morse Code as a new method to give performer his cues in answering the questions asked by audience.

There is but little more to add, for once the main idea is grasped, which would not represent anything very Herculeanian, and the Code well mastered by performer and assistant, (the latter tho may resort to a printed or written chart handy to aid in case there should arise any condition that might hinder assistants thoroughly learning code, either thru not having had ample time, or other reasons so the chart at hand would always be easily arranged, but performer should be letter perfect in his part before making any attempt to present, his act with this method).

Miscellaneous Hints and suggestions: In mixing paints for beads, gum arable is only soluble in water-, so 'it cannot be. used as an adhesive for paint except in water mixture. For the part alcoholic mixture use a tiny bit of shellac and for e1' cli^lt us2 cl ¡''11 o f plain liquid collodion. As water makes all of these curdle more or less, with exception of the gum arabic, use water very sparingly; just enough to get water color53 (dry colors) c. bit moist; or if you wish, get the regular moist black aid red colors of Art Supply House as these come in various ways and are quite adaptable, very rich in color,soluble in water, and have sufficient adhesive ground in to keep color from brushing off beads when handling them.

Seads quite suitable for stringing may be bought for a small price at most notion stores, fancy goods department in large stores and in fact many of the so-called 5 and 10 cent stores carry an extensive line that will be found exactly just what you want for this work. Likewise you will find thimbles, thread, needles, etc. all right in sane department, and many times will be able to locate the moi.;t colors in the art supply department of the larger stores.

We believe now that you Jhave -a_jq.uit.e -comprehensive and clear idea of what we have,„undertaken.jto -convey to you in the arrangement and putting into practical use, this very different and unique method of reading the various questions of those in the audience, and while right in their midst; so we will now pass on to the most vital and important element of the entire method — The Morse Code.

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