New Book Test

Effect: The Medium is introduced and seated upon the stage with her back to the audience. Her assistant brings forward a number of books and has all of them carefully examined to prove they are not prepared. Now anyone who chooses may select any one of these examined books to be used in the experiment to follow. Having selected one of the books, this person is requested to open the book at any page he sees fit.

Spectator is now instructed to run his finger down this page, stop at any paragraph, read it over mentally (to himself silently) close book and hand same to assistant, who proceeds to stage with book, hands same to Med.ium who at once names the correct page number, opens book and proceeds to read the identical paragraph that was read mentally by spectator. Very startling effect and no code or signals used as in older methods.

Method: In right hand trouser pocket of assistant who brings books into the audience, is concealed a small calling r"ard, and a short stubby pencil. Card should be about 1" by 2" in size. While spectator is opening book, looking for page they are to select, assistant stands idly by, but close enough so he can readily note the number of the page, and as tho unconcerned, has one or both hands in trouser pocket, and with right hand gets stubby pencil and writes on card while both are hidden in pocket, the number of the page; instructing spectator to run finger down margin to the paragraph that is to be selected and read mentally, he notes where finger of spectator stops and counting from top makes notation on card which paragraph is being read.

Using- the_short penciJL_and- card in pocket it will be found a very easy matter~with a little practice to write the numbers required""very^quickly and plainly showing page and paragraph number. In counting down for paragraphs, be sure and count any unfinished paragraph at the top as 1 and so on down to the paragraph selected by spectator. As soon as spectator has finished reading paragraph, book is closed, and handed to assistant, who receives same in his left hand, right hand in meantime having palmed the card with page and paragraph numbers on it, and brings same forth concealed, and left immediately passes book to right hand, which will conceal card, which is now under book and is so given to medium on stage.

The moment Medium on stage receives book and the card, the latter is secretly removed from under book, page and paragraph number noted, and immediately the page number is given out and following this the book is opened and medium quickly counts down to the paragraph selected as noted on small card received with book and reads this paragraph aloud» and has all verified by the spectator who has participated in same. The fact medium has back to audience makes all this very easy and possible, yet very mystifying.

In order to create the proper atmosphere for such a wonderful effect as this, the assistant should prepare a lecture suitable for the presentation of effect, stressing the fact that at no time does he speak to the medium, nor are there any signals, secret signs, etc. used at any time which in itself surely must proclaim the experiment purely a Mental Telepathy Test between the Medium and the spectator who has of his own free will made the selection of the bock, the page number and the paragraph without any influence whatsoever from anyone.


Effect: Vie will suppose the performer is using the Spirit Paintings in which a certain subject is to be forced on audience in an unsuspecting manner, or perhaps a Spirit Name or Sum of Numbers is to be discovered on a Slate later during the performance. In either of these instances, or any variation, and there are possibilities of many, the procedure is the same.

Preparation: Take a number of opaque envelopes all of the same size, and one half of these you carefully trim off the folded edge all around so the envelope is separated in two parts. One will have the plain front with the Gummed Flap attached, and the other the rear of envelope that is folded and glued. The latter you discard as they are not to be used.

Take the front part and gummed flap, and insert in one of the unprepared envelopes, doing this with the balance. It is best to make up a quantity of these at one time, but if your force is a single one, that is but one name, sum of figures, or something of a like nature, a dozen will be all that is really necessary, but if you wish to make a double force and have two of a certain group of names, sums of figures, etc. then use about twenty of these feked envelopes.

Now we will assume in a single force you are prepared to. materialize, the portrait of McKinley. Write this name-a. dozen times on a small-sheet-of paper and insert one in each of the dozen envelopes, placing this in the compartment formed by the front of unprepared envelope and the insert. You will now find it very easy to neatly seal the two gummed flaps together, leaving the exposed flap in condition to be sealed later, all appearing to be an ordinary envelope.

A duplicate lot of these sheets of paper, same being blank, are also required and supplied in this manner. Performer steps into audience and passes out the slips of. paper and requests that the various ones write on the sheet of paper, the name of a noted person, president, etc. Seal same in one of the envelopes you supply them with. You should also provide pencils fot those who may not happen to have them.

The various spectators having written their selection on slip of paper and sealed same in envelope, these may, if desired to be collected by a disinterested person, who in turn, may spread them out and allow still another person to select one of the envelopes. This selected envelope is given to the performer, as well as the balance of the envelopes. Stating that a selection having been made, the remaining eleven being of no further use, they will be discarded; so performer deliberately tears them in two and tosses them aside retaining the selected one, and tearing or cutting off one end, the fingers are inserted and from the secret compartment the 'forced' slip with your own selection written thereon, is withdrawn and envelope torn and put aside.

The selection (your forced one) is now shown and read aloud, and performer apparently having in his possession the free selection of some one in the audience, proceeds with the balance of effect planned on, and produces the Spirit Picture of Notable as designated by the written selection, or such other effect he has planned on and made a force in keeping with results so planned out previously.

Now where a double force is to be used, that is where performer is to produce say two Spirit Pictures, one which may be a Noted Person, and the other perhaps a Famous Painting, etc. procedure varies a little. In this instance it is advisable to use about twenty envelopes, but in two groups. In ten you place your written force selection of one kind, and in the other ten you put your duplicates of a second force. For instance, in Spirit Paintings we might use "Napoleon" and "Landing of Columbus", etc.

Keeping these groups separate with finger, pass out one group on one side of aisle, and other group on other side. Have audience write selections as before and seal up. Let selection be made, keeping two groups separate unknown to audience, discard balance as before, stating time limit will not permit the use of but two at this time, and finish as in single force by producing the selected pictures ala Spirit Paintings, or if numbers, etc. resort to Spirit Slates in the orthodox manner, having shown same clean at beginning.

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