Mysteries Of The Zodiac

The experiment that I am about to explain depends, upon a mathematical principle but is so cleverly arranged that the conjurer who adds the feat to his repertory of Parlor tricks need not have the slightest fear of the modus operandi being discovered. For sake of clearness we will suppose that one spectator, that we will call A, takes the most active part, although in actual practice it will be found much more mysterious and effective, if all, or at least the majority of spectators participate.

Commence by explaining that this mystery is purely astrological one and for this reason it will be necessary to know the spectators (A) birthday, by aid of which after a moment's calculation he tells A the name of the playing card, which dominates A's career or to use the proper astrological term^ tells the person's birth card, requesting him to bear it in mind, as it will play an important part in the experiment to follow. Performer next proceeds to either .exhibit or by using a piece of chalk, draws the Zodiac (as will be described later) on the table top. To increase the Mystery he may as indicated, place opposite each division of the Zodiac, the name of the sign it represents.

Introduce a pack of 52 cards. Have spectator give the deck a single cut as many times as he may desire. Previous to having the spectator cut the cards, the performer appears to have given the deck a thorough shuffle; however such is not the case as the cards are prearranged and this shuffle is a false one. Next the spectator is handed an ordinary die, with the request to throw it. Suppose the five comes uppermost; he takes the prearranged pack and removes four cards from the top of the pack without disturbing their order and lays them down in the fifth position of the Zodiac.

Continuing the next four cards are placed on the sixth sign of the Zodiac, the next four on the seventh, and on ijcr^cign twelve, on which four cards are laid. The next four cards are placed in thirteen, the Sun, which is in the center of the Zodiac. The next in number 1, and the remaining twelve cards are evenly distributed in heaps of four in the second, third and fourth divisions of the Zodiac. This having been done, the Conjurer produces a sheet of paper with the following table which we will call number oae (1).

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