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Orville Meyer

The following tests give the impression of skilled and genuine mind-reading of the contact and ncm-contact kind. Yet no knowledge or study of contact mindreading is required, the routine is entirely impromptu, and there are no gimmicks. The effect is equally suitable for groups from six to six thousand.

Effect: Each of several persons decides on an experiment or "test" of the kind usually associated with contact mindreading, for the mentalist to attempt. The mentalist, blindfolded, asks one of the persons to concentrate on his particular test. To the amazement of all, he dramatically and perfectly accomplishes the actions about which the person is thinking. A second test is then accomplished in an even more amazing manner.

The step-by-step mechanics of this feat are so psychologically developed that the spectators are left with no alternative but to accept it as genuine. The routine set forth is the result of many performances over a long period of time. As each move has a reason, the mental worker who presents this feat will do well to follow the routine carefully.

Props Required. A hat, a large white handkerchief, and a few slips of paper, about 2x3 inches in size. The hat and handkerchief may be borrowed; the slips may be cut from any plain paper.

Method: Introduce the experiment along the following lines:"I shall attempt an experiment in contact and non-contact mindreading of a most unusual nature. Will each of you folks (designate five or six persons fairly near) please think of some test that you would like to have me do? Now by 'test' I mean something like this: 'walk around the room once, whistling a tune,' or 'find the coin which is hidden under the ash tray on the desk,' cr 'shake hands with three ladies.' But don't make the tests too, too involved or physically impossible, please." After they have had time to decide on some tests, find out if you need to leave the room or stage for a minute or so, so that objects can be hidden, etc. If so, a committee of two spectators should be asked to accompany you. Upon your return, state:

"To aid in your concentration and in mind, and so that we can check out the exact details later, I ask that you jot down the whole test on a slip of paper (hand out slips). But remember; just writing 'find what I have hidden' for instance, isn't enough. Write out the test completely, in detail. Exactly WHAT I am to do, WHERE and WHAT something is, if hidden, or any other specific action that you want me to do. Clear? Any questions? OK---write them down."

When the. tests have been written, continue, "Please fold the slips once each way, then write your initials on both sides of the outside of each." Hand the hat to a spectator, asking him to collect the folded slips in it. Then take the hat from him and place it on a nearby table or chair.

"To aid in.- concentration-X -shall, tie—a. handk^rchi£f~over~my---eyes---to„shut off light..and vision." Do this yourself. Note that you do not make any special point cf this, but rather do it in a casual, matter-of-fact manner. You are not presenting an X--Ray Eye act, so stay away from any such implications. However, the sight you will still have by looking down the sides of the nose is vital to the rest of the test.

Reach for the hat, groping a bit as you would if your vision were completely cut off. Hold the hat with the left hand and stir the billets a bit with the right hand, as you ask each parson having a test to think strongly about-it. During this brief stirring the right hand quickly opens one billet inside the hat and comes .-up into view with one of the other, folded ones, pressinr; it to the forehead. "Can you make out whose initials are on this billet?". you ask someone close by. Upon being told, ask that person to concentrate on his test. During the few moments of concentration you look down the sides of the nose into the hat, reading the test written on the opened slip.

"I cannot seem to get your thoughts as clearly as I should like," you say, and let the slip flutter, still folded, to .the floor. Again the right hand goes into the hat to stir a bit. In the act of stirring, the opened slip is quickly refolded, the initials noted, ana a second slip is opened inside the hat; then the right hand comes out again with one of the other folded ones, which is again pressed to the ' forehead-. Again, secretly looking down into the hat, the new tesl: is noted. Again the results seem negative, so the folded slip at forehead is allowed to flutter -to the floor.

Once more reaching into the hat the opened slip is refolded in a stirring motion, brought out and pressed to the forehead. Again asking for the initials, ask that, person to concentrate intently. Using your best dramatic ability, you exclaim, "Ah ... I believe I am getting some of your thoughts. Would you mind standing up, please?"

"I believe you aro getting across to me very well, sir. Will you help me just a-little more" Dropping the folded billet as before, you ask the person to step to you and grasp you by the wi'ist and continue to think of the test. Nowj in your best contact minareading manner . . , accomplish the test, dramatically, not too rapidly (remenber. you are supposedly without vision). Applause is sura to follow when you whip off the blindfold at the conclusion of the test.

Depending on whether five or six persons wrote tests at. the start, there are now either feu or three folded billets in. the. hac. You know the test written on one of then». With t«o billets, you ask cone one to reach in and take one of them. If the person take3 the one containing the test you know, quickly and smoothly' say " . . . and I will attempt to do whatever that person is concentrating upon. VJho-se 'initials 'are on the paper?" Upon hearing the initials (which you know : anyway.), aek'that person his natae and ask him to concentrais on.the test,

"For this teat, ladies and gentlemanf 1 shall try to get Mr.------'s thoughts withe ut physical contact with him." Then slowly, dramatically and ' successfully, you accomplish the test* to the consternation of any magicians who may be in the audience and who may be familiar with the mechanics of contact mindreading.

Of course, if the person had taken the-other-billet,.leaving the known one in the hat, you would as quickly have said "... and I shall attempt to do whatever test is being thought of by the person whose initials are on the one remaining paper."

If six billets were used at the start, three would have been left in the hat. In this event you would ask a person to reach in, take two papers, one in each hand. From here, three alternates occur: (1) If the known slip is left in the hat, proceed as described just above. If not, ask him to hand you one of the billets he took. (2) If he hands you the correct one, say this is the test you will try. (3) If he hands you one of the others, immediately say "... and I will attempt to accomplish whatever test is prescribed on the slip you are holding."

The bold, subtle handling of this effect will delight the discerning mentalist. The simplicity of operation allows him to concentrate on effective presentation. It is a test which can be made one of the big FEATURES of any mental routine.


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