Method Of Performing

Have stacked deck and pencils on table. Call for two (2) assistants. Calling them "A" and "B". Ask "A" to think of a number between 1 and 25. Then ni^t tip stacked deck and explain that you wish him to count to that number which he has in mind and remember card at that number, counting cards one at a time on the table face down. Performer then demonstrates this move by counting the first 5 cards from the top of the deck to the table, turns up 6th card, looks at it, lays it face down on the other five cards counted on the table and places remainder of deck on top of the 6 cards. Now the cards are stacked (as in fig.4). Before "A" counts, the performer says: "T shall «rrl.t-z a prediction with the red pencil". While saying so, propel red pencil until small red lead drops in palm of hand. Write name of black card which is now on top of deck and also the name of "B'Sthe second assistant with short black lead. Then place folded slip in glass tumbler. Propel small black lead out of pencil and place it on table.

Nov "A" counts down to the number he has in mind while your back is turned. "A" places rest of deck on top of the selected card. Then you face "A",pick up deck, riffle to short card bringing it to the bottom. Sight the top card which is the red card that "A" selected. Pick up black pencil and propel until small black lead falls into your palm, then write name of red card which is now on top of deck and also the name of folded slip in glapc tvfflbler. Proper small red lead out of pencil, and place it on table. Ask "B" to count down to the same number that "A" had in mind, counting one card at a time on the table. Remember card at that number and place rest of the deck on top of selected card. The trick is now finished* Let them take out the predictions from the tumbler by themselves. Shuffle pack*, cards and pencils may now be examined.

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