Mephistos Prediction

The mystifying effect to be produced is as follows: Several persons are instructed to retain a numerical number you give them; for instance the first person you instruct is //1, next #2, next #3, etc. As many as wish may be identified in this manner, but a group of four or five will be sufficient. The balance acting as spectators will get the full effect even tho not actually participating.

To each person you advise them of their number, and to all you instruct collectively that in the experiment to follow you are going to use some arithmetic and in order to do this everything should be known by number only and to that end, with fact each person is numbered their right hand shall be #1, left hand #2, thumb #1, forefinger #2, next #3, next #4, and little finger #5, also each joint on fingers and thumbs will be numbered, counting from tips as #1, #2 and #3,

Having all this understood, you now state that you will give them a ring, and you will either turn your back or leave room entirely and for any of those present that have been given a number, it making no difference who takes the ring, and slip same on any finger of right or left hand, or if they prefer, the thumb also may be used providing ring will go on same.

Performer now retires and states he will discover the wearer of the ring, which hand it is on, the finger, and also the joint. Having made this statement he proceeds as follows:

One wearing ring to take number given him by performer and secretly to double it, to the product add 5, multiply that product by 5, and to that product add 10. Next add 1, if ring is on right hand-, if left hand add 2 in place of 1, multiply product by 10, add,to this the numerical number of finger counting thumb #1, etc. multiply again by 10, then add numerical value or number of joint ring is on #1, #2 or #3 and to this add 35 and give you the total.

Strange as may seem that if from this total you secretly deduct the number 3535 you will get a product that gives you the entire solution for the first number indicates the numerical position or number of person with the ring, the second number gives you the clue as to whether right or left, as it will be either #1 or #2, the third numeral will give you the number of the finger the ring is on and the fourth numeral indicates the joint the ring is on.

To make it all more clear to those that may not exactly grasp the full meaning of this explanation we will give an example, taking in this instance the supposition that person //3, has ring on left hand (#2) on thumb (#1) and it is on jDint #2, which of course will be at base of thumb. To determine the location of all this without looking or being told we proceed as follows:

Persons number-----------------—3 You will note we have the number 3212.

Multiplied by 2 equals--------—6 This is correct for it will be remember-

Add 5---------------------------11 ed it was the 3rd person who was wear-

Multiply by 5--------------------55 ing the ring (indicated by #3. the

Add 10-----*-------65 1st- numeral) , the ring was on the

Add number of left hand 2--------67 left hand which-is indicated by #2


(the 2nd numeral), ring was on the thumb or #1 (as indicated by third numeral) and on 2nd joint (as indicated by the last numeral) which is #2. Thus it will be seen that the total finally arrived at will immediately you the complete answer to solution.

You might arrange with a confederate to suggest some one try and trip you up by placing the ring on the wrist, calling it the fourth joint and place it or presume it is back of any of the fingers or thumbs so it could be given position as fourth joint on #1,#2 etc. With ring in this position you proceed as usual and the moment #4 is found as last figure in final product you know some one has it laying on top of their wrist and specify this when giving answer.

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