Mental Stunners

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Mental Stunner #1

Effect: Performer writes a prediction in large letters on a slate or cardboard, without revealing same to the audience. Any spectator is chq-sen as a committee of one, handed a magazine of the pocket size variety, like the Reader's Digest; also a pencil.

Spectator is requested to place the magazine behind his back, open to any position, and with the pencil, make a cross on the page - close the magazine and return it to the performer. The performer now recalls the fairness of the page selection in the magazine, and the fact that no one knows on what page the cross appears, and thru which word the cross was marked.

Performer opens the magazine, locates the marked page, and reveals -and confirmed by the spectator - exactly where the crossed lines appear, and reveals the exact word as shown by the lines.

The performer now reveals - for the first time - his prediction on the slate or cardboard. As a variation from the written prediction, the perferm-er can 'go into a trance' and verbally reveal the word, the same being confirmed by the marked page.

Method: Only a brief preparation is necessary. Use any magazine of the pocket size, a red crayon pencil, and a gimic pencil. The gimic pencil should be a duplicate of the real pencil in every respect. Dip the crayon point into varnish, and allow to dry. Pencil points should not be too sharp but slightly rounded.

Performer marks a cross on any page - in the last half of the magazine -and notes the word where the lines appear. This will be the forced word, and is the one used in the prediction.

In presenting the trick, magazine is given to the spectator and the gimic pencil. Spectator is asked to place magazine behind his back - open to any page, and draw a cross with the pencil. The gimic pencil does not leave a mark, so later when spectator opens the book, they see the only mark (yours), thinking it to be the one made by the spectator. The selected word is then revealed.

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