Lulu Hurst Rroom Test

This effect will be found to be extremely strong, .in .effect. The weird experiment and it3 solution is but little known and will astound and puzzle all who see it demonstrated. The secret is called mis-directed forces. This and many others depending on this peculiar force or leverage was presented all over the world and completely baffled all who witnessed it by Lulu Hurst the Georgia Girl Wonder.

To show the experiment, request some one in audience to step forward and assist you. You now take a broom and with the handle upward, keeping broom in vertical position, you face your assistant, keeping him somewhat to your left. You extend your right hand, fingers extended along handle of broom nearest floor, allowing handle of broom to cross open palm obliquely from base of thumb to about tip of third finger.

Left hand takes a position farther up handle on opposite side of broom so when hand is open, finger tips will be about 3 inches above wrist of right Handle of broom passing over open left palm in similar position and manner that it does in right. You will now find that with hands in this position the broom is held as firmly as tho the fingers were encircling same.

You now instruct assistant to grasp the upper part of handle of broom and without jerking, but with a steady push, to try and move the broom down until it touches the floor, stating this is to be a pushing movement and no jerking, twisting or hanging of their weight onto broom.

If you have a strong person to assist you, be sure and allow the hands to assume a position farther apart than one mentioned, it sometimes being necessary to allow a distance of 24 inches to successfully offset the effort put forth by a muscular assistantbut no matter how strong they are, you can alwaysprevemt them from putting the broom down if you use judgment in^-plac-ing your hands so you the-greater power in- leverage.

We have never failed to see this experiment performed successfully if performers do their part according to instructions. The pressing of the two hands toward each other has a tendency to bring the broom into a position that the downward pressure is null and while they exert themselves to the utmost, you seldom are required to utilize but a small portion cf your strength to combat it, thereby always holding in reserve enough to completely baffle their efforts to matter now strenous.

Always insist your assistant keeps his hands close together and near top of handle, for the farther away his hands are from yours, and the closer together his are kept, the easier the experiment will be for performer.

Always see that your hands are in correct condition to get a good contact on handle of broom. They should not be too dry or too moist. Some performers tell us they are greatly aided by using our ANTI SLIP in producing this effect. This mixture primarily is and was intended for manipulation in billiard balls, eggs, etc. to prevent slipping, so it will be readily seen that its aid in this trick is invaluable.

Practice this effect a number of times with some friend until you get the knack of bracing yourself correctly, how to hold your hands on handle, how to bring correct pressure to bear at right time, how to offset and eliminate any unfair methods of assistant, who may attempt to hang his dead weight on in addition to pressure, etc.


Effect: Several small blank cards and envelopes are passed out to audience,(or sitters if used as an effect in private seance). Spectators are requested to write any proper question they wish medium to answer, place the card with written message in envelope, seal same securely and deposit in glass bowl the performer has provided for this purpose. The bowl with sealed questions may be placed in full view of audience or questions burned. We suggest the latter as being the best course, thereby destroying any possible evidence of method used to produce the effect.

Next the performer takes a deck of cards and proceeds to tell the fortune of several of those present. This is only a preliminary, and leads up to the big effect which we will now fully describe. Performer now asks party who has envelope #1, to step forward and select a card from the deck he has been using to tell fortunes with. Performer studies the selected card a moment and then proceeds to tell the selector some of the regular fortune telling stuff which will be found in many books, but to the surprise of selector and others, actually answers the question written previously on card and placed in envelope that now lies in the glass bowl or was burnt.

This procedure is now repeated with t±ie remainiJig ones "who have-written questions and sealed.same in envelopes and deposited same in glass bowl. The performer in each instance asks spectator to make free selection of any card in the deck and gives an orthodox card reading and finishes by telling the spectator what they wrote on card, and answers this question in a fitting manner.

Properties: A good book on Fortune Telling with Cards. Several small Drug Envelopes (#1 being about right size). Some blank cards to fit envelopes. Several lead pencils. Deck of playing cards. Several playing cards (with same back) which are made blank by pasting white paper over front of same and trimming it so it conforms with a regular card in shape and size. Rule these cards off into eight or ten spaces and number each one at upper right margin. Numbers to be from one up to as many cards and envelopes as you anticipate using. The envelopes passed out are likewise numbered from one up to whatever number is used in the effect.

Presentation: Pass out the cards and numbered envelopes. While sitters are writing questions, performer gets a similar number of sealed envelopes (better put cards inside at least part of them so they will look like the originals in bulk, etc.) Palm these in right hand. Collect the original sealed envelopes from spectators with left hand, when all collected, the right hand assists left in straightening them up.

What actually takes place is the right hand gets the original envelopes on top of the pile of feke and originals, this being easy for the average magician, for it simply requires use of the old familiar two hand pass, but to those who may not be familiar with this move, we suggest that you switch positions of originals and feke envelopes simply by dropping the-fekes from right onto the left hand not occupied with the originals, and immediately pick up originals, and place them on top of pile of feke envelopes, and take them with right hand, all blending into one move and easily concealed as both hands are brought together. Right now appears to place originals in left, really leaving the feke envelopes and palming off the originals. Fekes (believed to be originals) are now put in glass bowl or burned as performer sees fit.

Performer leaves room for moment to get deck of cards to tell fortunes. Leaves originals with assistant. While performer is busy telling fortunes with deck of cards, assistant off stage opens envelopes.and writes briefly each question in the numbered space on blank playing card, keeping its number to correspond with the number on envelopes that contained it. Having written briefly all the questions contained on cards in envelopes, assistant takes the blank cards with a real playing card covering same and comes to table where performer is and lays same on table. Performer for moment lays deck down and when picking same up gets the extra cards. Spectator now is allowed to select a card. Performer in meantime fans out deck, gets glimpse of the blank cards, reads the written question, and answers same as he sees fit, repeating this with each spectator. Keep blanks well toward bottom so spectator will not get hold of them. Study card fortune telling so you can put up a good spiel while assistant is preparing the blank cards for you and in fact make study of entire effect so you can put a good punch into the entire effect,for in proper hands it is a wonderful experiment.

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