Lecture For Xray Eye

Robert Nelson

"Ladies and Gentlemen - every so often in the course of History, we are presented with a phenomena, which baffles all the scientific world, as well as less educated mortals. This evening it is with great pleasure that I

present MISS , better known as the 'Girl with the X-Ray Eyes'.

Miss has the seemingly impossible faculty of sight with her eyes securely blindfolded. Where the ordinary person would be in total darkness, her vision is not in the least obscured. She has undergone the most rigid tests, but fully proved that she is a phenomena - that ordinary material objects offer no hindrance to her vision - Ladies and Gentlemen,allow me to present Miss (Medium enters) .

"If I were to use an ordinary blindfold or bandage, there might be some grounds for suspicion - some basis for trickery. But I shall first securely shut off all vision by wadding the young lady's eyes and securely taping the cotton against the optic. Just plain ordinary cotton (exhibit) procurable in any local drug store. Also a strip of adhesive tape, same being invariably used in the medical and commercial world. This tape is 1-1/2" wide and in addition to performing its initial function - that of securely holding the cotton in place - due to its width, it acts as a further blind to the use of the eyes."

"A similar piece of cotton (display) applied,'to the right eye. This cotton I shall similarly fasten with a second piece of tape (apply) which in the case of a normal person would effectively prevent the wearer from even distinguishing light from darkness. If you doubt my word, try it out yourself when you arrive at home this evening."

"As a further preventative, a third tape, stretching from eye to eye and more firmly and securely holding the wads of ctton against the eyes. And as a still further preventative, a heavy cloth bandage is placed over the eyes, being tightly tied about the head (apply). I can now say without fear of contradiction, and I am sure, even the most skeptcial-will agree, that the young lady has been fairly and securely blindfolded. I assure you most

-emphatically- that, an ordlnarj^humair-belng-wpiil rLnow ba_helplesa.,_ buL due., to her remarkable-ability^—all this procedure avails us naught, for she can see despite the obstructions, almost as well as you or I, at the present time... Miss proceed.

(Colored ribbons are picked by assistant). "To demonstrate that'the young lady can detect colors, anyone in the audience is requested to call out any color which Miss .will locate) .

(Deck of cards are.handed to spectator in first row, who is instructed to shuffle the cards) "Miss, will now name several cards taken from the deck, despite her handicap."

(If blackboard test is used) "Will someone call out a series of numbers, with four or five digits to a number? Miss will erase any numbers called for - just call your numbers, please."

"Miss will not undertake the most difficult part of the demonstration. That of entering the audience, describing you and your actions, various articles, etc."

Effect: Medium is introduced after short introductory lecture by assistant. On a small stand or table may be seen two large wads of cotton, adhesive tape and a heavy handkerchief.

One piece of cotton is freely exhibited and placed against the young lady's lèft eye and while she holds it in place, the assistant takes a piece of 1/2" adhesive tape and securely fastens the cotton against thé eye, thereby shutting absolutely out all possible chance of vision. The right eye is treated in like manner. Not content with this arrangement, a second piece of tape is placed across the nose from eye to eye, thus removing all •question of doubt5 even from the minds of the most skeptical, that the young lady cannot seel The assistant goes still further by placing a heavy» very dark bandage over the wadded eyes, which is tied about the young lady's head. The obstruction of vision is then perfect!

Having accomplished the blindfold and despite this unquestionable handicap, the medium proves her ability to see thru the obstacle by performing various tests, such as picking cards, chosen numbers, waltzing around stage in and among obstacles, and finally going, into the audience and describing various spectators, and objects handed to her.

Having accomplished the blindfold and despite this unquestionable handicap, the medium proves her ability to see thru the obstacle by performing.

Having completed the tests, medium returns to stage and the blindfold is removed by assistant, cotton still adhering to tape, and tossed into the, audience (for inspection)''and silently proving the absolute security of the., blindfold.

Modus Operandi: The blindfold is quite ordinary and free from preparation. However, the secret lies in the application of the blindfold and the-position of the cotton, tape, etc. A limited amount of vision is secured by looking directly down the side of the nose, which will give free vision to all action that takes place in the immediate area.

To those who have witnessed this startling feature, on second thought, they will recall that all tests take place below the level of the eyes. If the blackboard test is used, board is placed low slightly below level of the eyes. The ribbon test for colors always takes place below the level of the eyes, the ends extending down. Needless to say, when medium is in the audience, all objects are below the eye level, and she has easy access. Objects handed her arc readily seen by the performer, and she can force many objects such as voluntarily telling the ring on the gentleman's third finger, color of ties and other noticeable features.

There will be tendency at first to tilt the head backwards in order to look forward. This can be eliminated by practice and coaching by a second party. Assume a natural position with the head. Don't hold it rigid. The secret is MISDIRECTION.

There are many aids for the medium, such as marking the stage close to the foot-lights, directly in front of the run-ways, making it possible for the lady to step into the audience without hestitation. Once in the audience the medium should work fast., first to show that she can see and describe various items, and rapid work prevents the act from dragging, and does not permit such articles as business cards with small print to be forced upon her. By moving rapidly, she has her own choice of articles and descriptions.

To carry out the various tests, vari-colored ribbons may be tied to the ends of a parasol or umbrella, which is held at a height level with the performer's waist. Various colors called by the audience are picked, and at the conclusion, performer picks various colors at random, calling each. If suits of playing cards are given, same should be placed on a small stand or in performer's hand.

Small pedestals may be placed at certain intervals on floor, the performer dancing around them. If the same arrangement and spacing is carried out each time, this will aid materially in the experiment, and the performer becomes familiar with the positions of the various obstacles.

In order to bring this experiment to the highest point of perfection, the performer should practice several hours each day walking into the theatre, aisles, etc. securely blindfolded in total darkness. Acquaint yourself with the "feel" of the stage.

Lastly, we take up the blindfolding of the performer's eyes, which is what may be termed technical. Read, carefully, the directions several times before attempting to place the blindfold; then follow the directions step by step. One or both eyes can be used in securing vision, this, of course, being optional. Both eyes should be used for the best results, however.

Directions: The cotton wad should be about 2" square and completely fill the cavity of the eye. At the bottom it is pulled out and thinned down. The eye is closed and the wad of cotton is placed against the optic by the assistant. Performer holds same in place, while assistant secures a strip of tape. Upper edge of the tape is applied first against the forehead, starting with the forehead, the performer scowls in this manner. CLOSE the eye tightly and draw the trow DOWN, by wrinkling it or scowling. Now, as the tape is tightly drawn across the cotton and down the cheek, relax the features, open the eye and allow the face to assume a normal position. The previous wrinkling of the forehead leaves a slack in the tape, and it will be found that the inner side of, or side next to, the nose, with cotton is now even touching the eye. Additional vision is gained after the second tape and bandage is placed. By extending or pulling the forehead upward, the cotton, tape and cheek all move. Leaving almost perfect vision within a restricted area -the last movement is accomplished under cover of the bandage.

The scowling will not be noticed as the eyes are closed, and also the assistant is obscuring the audience's view. Furthermore, with the stuffing of wads of cotton, and application of adhesive tape, it is only natural to expect a few facial contortions. The above takes place facing the audience.

The second tape may be applied in the following manner. Close, just a trifle, the eye, and hold face natural while tape is being tightly stretched from one eye to the other across the nose. This causes additional slack below the tape and will also be more noticeable.

The cloth bandage is freely exhibited, placed in front of the girl who grasps same and holds it against the eyes, thus placing it properly and to much advantage. The assistant takes ends and ties them tightly, while the performer closes eyes and scowls downward, the same as when tape was first applied. The bandage must be tied tight otherwise it cannot be manipulated by wrinkling the nose and drawing up the forehead'.

When additional vision directly in front is desired, this can be secured by wrinkling up the nose and forehead. The assistant and performer should practice many times the placing of the blindfold materials, learn the correct positions, facial movements and sizes of bandages used. When properly placed, a slight edge of cotton will show under bandage, however, the eyes will be entirely hidden, even though one should attempt to look up under the bandage (from below). Practice, only will teach you the blindfolding.

This is an excellent attraction for ballyhoo for carnivals, sideshows, etc., as performer is always above the crowd and has almost unrestricted vision. This simple mode of operation is overlooked by the most critical for that reason alone. Again, misdirection plays the master parti In conclusion, always keep the head in a natural position.


(Robert Nelson)

Fair cards and envelopes are distributed to members of the audience, with the request that they write one question and sign their name. They seal the cards in the envelopes, which are collected and given to the performer. Holding one sealed envelope to his forehead at a time, he divines the contents opens it and returns card and envelope to the original writer.

This is conceded to be one of the best and most subtle methods of reading sealed billets, because of its apparent fairness, and aloofness from any possibility of trickery. Follow every step closely and watch carefully the routine.

Assume that you use regular opaque coin envelopes, and any kind of a card, cut a little smaller in size.

Assume you are to answer ten questions - ten cards are distributed to spectators, with the request they write a single question and sign their name, being careful not to allow prying eyes to see what they write. You first distribute the cards - cards only, and of course, the writing of the questions, begins immediately. Return to the first person to receive a card, and pass each an envelope, within which to seal their cards. You pass ordinary envelopes to all spectators, except the last one!

Your last envelope (the 10th in this case) is prepared. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut 1/8" from the bottom of the envelope. This makes a clean cut, and of course, is not noticeable. As the cards are shorter than the envelopes, it will not extend thru the envelope when inserted in same.

Beginning with the last person to receive a card, distribute the envelopes to the last nine who received the cards. By now, the first person to receive a card should have completed her question, and turned her card face down so the writing couldn't be seen. You approach this person with the last envelope.

Holding the envelope in your left hand, and in the guise of instructing all spectators how to seal their envelopes, you insert the card, face down, into the envelope, and seal it. This you retain, and can follow with the collection of the remaining envelopes, or permit some spectator to collect the remaining sealed envelopes, and hand them to you. Stack all sealed envelopes in your hand, flap side down. This places the writing side face up, inside the envelopes. The prepared envelope should be TOP of the stack, with the open end to the right.

As you collect the first envelope, and return to the stage, you slip the thumb of the right hand into the cut end of the gimic envelope and withdraw the card from the envelope. This is done with one movement, the right hand pulling the card away and the left hand pulls away the envelope, and drops the card on top of the envelope. Or, you can collect all the envelopes remove the card and place on top of the (top) gimic envelope at that time.

You now face the audience, holding the envelopes in your left hand..Remove one of the envelopes from the bottom of the pile, hold it to your forehead, partially shading the eyes. This permits you to glance downward, and read the exposed card on top of the envelope stack. Of course, you begin to call the name and divine the question, the audience, naturally thinking you are reading the envelope that is held to the head.

Having divined the question, the performer asks for verifications, and permission to open the envelope for his own double-check. The sealed envelope is lowered from the forehead to the top of the stack of envelopes in the left hand, and with right hand and scissors, snips an end from the envelope, inserts a thumb of right hand, and withdraws the envelope card, the card resting on top of the stack of envelopes. This card he reads as to verify the question just answered, but in reality it gives him the data~.cn the next question. He draws the top (second card) slightly to the right, and holding the envelope stack with the right fingers ,■ he just opens envelope in his left fingers, withdraws or takes the second card down (the first) and tosses out the original card and the second envelope as one! Check this move again!

The answering of more questions is merely a duplication of this first move - you load the 'one-ahead' question on top of the stack each time, handing back the envelope just opened, and the previously answered card. On the final envelope, proceed as before. The card will be on top of the envelope with the already cut end. Hold to forehead - divine its contents -answer the. question - now clip off the end - important - the same end that wf originally cut. As if the envelope were sealed. The first and second fingers go into the envelope, and with thumb on back holding the card you appear to. withdraw the card from thé envelope. Keep the withdrawal of last card and envelope, and you have completed one of the most subtle routines kno*~i to mental ffitagic. All evidence has been disposed of - you have nothing but a pair of scissors.and a bewildered audience!

Practice well this very clever routine, because it. is too good to spoil thru carelessness or lack of technique«


Effect; Mentalist has a spectator write a number or anything he desires on an initialed slip of paper. The pa-par is folded, hsld by a pair of tweezers and set afire. The mentalist takes a pad from his pocket and proceeds to duplicate the exact thing thought of by the spectator.

Apparatus Necessary: A special-pair of tweezers and a slip of psper^folde'd. a^H^oT^^lir'illua-ftretdims".

Method & Presentation: Hand the spectator the slip of paper, put his initials on top., and yours on the bottom (Fig.3).

Double-fac Sellotape

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