Divide 1031 by 52 (number weeks in year). This gives 19 with remainder of 43-R. This is the "R" remainder previously mentioned to be

Now add the Year (this is 1930 and so indicates 19th

Hundred) Add----------------------------------------------- 19_

Divide by the 'Four Seasons. 62 divided by 4 equals -15 Total- 62

To 15 add the R number indicating "R"~43. 15 plus 43--------------58

Divide this result (53) by the Five senses. 58 divided by 5 equals 11 Number 11 is Sign of Zodiac. The remainder of 3 is the number of Card in Sign.

Second Example;

Date of Birth July 15th; Thought Card 49; (ten of Hearts), Sun Card, Five of Hearts (4 minutes on watch).

Thought Card - 49 multiplied by 33 Equals-

Add Birth Month (July is 7th month)

Add 7 times 7 (planets)

Add Minutes as indicated by watch

Add number of Birth card

Add Birth Day (15th of July)

Add Birth Month

Divide by 52 weeks

Add Hundreds of Year Divide by four seasons

Add remainder "R" Divide bv the five senses

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