How To Make a Zodiac

To fcrrm-a Zodiac- make—a SmaiX-XIircle-ebout lu ±n diameter. Mark this Sun and give it the number 13. Now draw two more circles around~this_inneT- • circle» these two circles being say about 10" for the inner circle and 11" for the outer circle. This will leave a space of about 1" between the two outer circles and a space of about 9" between the large inner circle and the small circle in center marked Sun (#13).

Now divide the space inside the larger circles by drawing lines like the spokes of a wheel, using the Sun or center for the Hub and the two outer circles for the rim of wheel. Draw in a vertical line from top of the outer circle to the lower part of same. Now at its right angle, draw a horizontal line from extreme right to extreme left. Next divide these four spaces so that between each of the quarter sections there will be spaced at equal .distance two extra lines drawn thru each of these four quarters which give you a total of eight more lines to be drawn, and finally showing the circle equally divided into twelve spaces uniformly spaced and of equal size.

Around the margin, between the inner and outer larger circle, you mark the signs of the Zodiac as follows:

#1-Aquarius #2-Pisces #3-Aries #4-Taurus

#9-Libra #10-Scorpio #11-Sagittarius #12-Capricornus and as mentioned #13 - The Sun.


Effect: Performer introduces a tray containing an Apple, Egg and Orange also 24 counters of some sort. We suggest the following outfit for this effect. A Red Ball for Apple, White Ball for Egg and orange ball for Orange. For counters use an inexpensive paper or composition poker chip. Performer takes one counter from tray and gives it to someone present, mentally calling this person #1. To another he gives two counters, mentally calling him #2 and to still another he gives three counters, calling him #3.

He now instructs these three persons, who, unknown to them are to you, #1, #2 and #3, to each pick from the tray, one of the three items, namely, Apple, Egg and Orange, and secret same on their person so it cannot be seen. With this, the performer either turns his back or retires to another room, so he will not have any chance to note the various selections.

There will be eighteen counters on tray that are left over after you have taken the six you originally gave to #1, #2 and #3. You give instruct-tions further as follows:

Holder of APPLE to take again as many as he now has. If he happened to be holding-one-counter^-he--takes---another^-Jiiaking.jtwo;,._if _.he holds two originally, then he should take two, totalling four; if holding three, take three, making six he would have altogether.

Holder of EGG to take twice as many as he is holding. If you originally gave him one, he should take two more, making three. If he has two, then he should take four, making six; if holding three he should take six, making total of nine he would have.

Holder of Orange to take four times as many as he now has. If holding one, take four, making five; if holding two, take eight, making tenj if holding three, take 12, making total of fourteen he would hold.

After these instructions have been carried out correctly, you turn around or come back into room and with quick glance you note how many counters are left on the tray. The number remaining will give you the clue to who has possession of the various three items. To discover this, a very ingenious method is brought into play. The following, however, will make all clear and will be found easily learned and committed to memory.

First let it be known there will always be at least one counter left, and never more than seven, but at no time will there be four. By using certain words that contain the three vowels A (for Apple) E (for Egg) and 0 (for Orange) and associating these three vowels in various combinations, they give you the exact location of items hidden as we will explain.




ErOcAt fOrtAssE


or hAtE or hEAt or hA10 or hErO or hOAry or HOE

(Attento or Hate (Beato or Heat (Cantores or Halo (Erocat or Hero (Fortasse or Hoary (Glossema or Hoe

The vowels as they appear In word, give you location of hidden articles. If one counter is left on tray, you mentally recall word number one which is either the Latin word Attento or word Hate. In the former you will note it gives A—E—0 leaving out consonants, which gives you the clue that //I has the Apple, #2 has the Egg and #3 the Orange. In our abbreviated word you will note word Hate. This gives us -A-E which means #1 has Apple, #2 the Egg, and knowing location of the former two, the third item naturally is easily named.

If five counters are left, we mentally recall Erocat or Hero. Omitting consonants we derive E-O-A- which tells you that #1 has Egg, #2 has Orange and #3 has Applg. Same applies to abbreviated word E-0. #1 has Egg, #2 has Orange and naturally the remaining item, Apple is in possession of #3. This should now be clear to anyone who wishes to present the effect. Abbreviated words are easiest remembered. Think of Hate, Heat, Halo. Visualize A ring of fire around head that's unpleasant, Hero, hoary, hoe. Picture frost covered hoe, and some noted hero holding it, visualizelHero using Hoary (frosty) Hoe.

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