Nov;, to prove that the experiment was a success! What card were you thinking of? That is correct! Now, tell me, what card was I thinking of? You don't know? Don't tell me you failed where I succeeded. You failed? Too badI Well, I will have to tell you. I was thinking of the Ace of Spades. You see» in order to merit the applause, which is sure to greet the conclusion of our experiment^, we must both be successful, so I will give you another chance to redeem yourself. I know which glass contained your card and which glass contains my card. I shall concentrate on the glass containing your card and I will try to transmit that thought to^your subconscious mind. Now! Tell me, which glass contains your card? This one? Oh,gbut I am sorry! You failed again! You s^e, this one contains my card, the Ace of Spades. Your card is over there.'

Really, sir, as a mindreader, you are somewhat disappointing. Are you worried about something?^ No? Well, at any rate I am determined to have both of us be a big success. So, therefore, I shall assist you a little bit with my magical powers. As you recall, you pointed out the glass on your left which unfortunately contains the wrong card, but since you have made your choice I will ask my card to leave the glass, jump over into the other glass and invite your card to take its place.^Watch closely! 11 Jump! Did you see it jump? No? You are hopeless! We now have here my card the Ace of Spades.-j^And over here, for the first time, I will ask you the name of your card. The seven of hearts? (for example) Thank you!

II. Requirements A table

Two stem glasses to hold cards Pack of Cards with Short Joker One Extra Ace of Spades.

III. Legend

1 A few flourishes such as springing cards from hand to hand, waterfall and fan to show all different.

2 Run through pack and remove one Ace of Spades and place in glass (back to audience). Hesitate, run through deck again and place second Ace of spades in the other glass (back to audience).

3 Step away from table and walk in the direction of your victim.

4 Here the victim will tell you the name of his card. Immediately say: "That is correct" and gesture towards the glasses on the table.

5 Suppose the victim has told you that he was thinking of the seven of hearts. At this stage, while you continue talking to him you begin unobtrusively looking through the pack for the seven of hearts. Do not hurry this operation*, sort of play with the cards while you are talking. You have plenty of time. When you have located the card,shift it to the top.

6 Wink at the audience.

7 Walk back behind table.

8" Remove_card_f rom- glass v hold up face- -to -audience.

9 Point with card toward the other glass after making top-change. The change of position from holding the card up high to pointing with it to the other glass is an ideal coverup for the top change. Immediately after effecting the top change replace the card (now the seven of hearts) in the empty glass. Again walk towards your victim.

10 Wink again at audience.

11 Have drummer roll drums; brrrrR - Bang!

12 Walk back to table. Turn around glass with Ace of Spades. Remove card with fingertips and.lean card against front of glass.

. .13 While, actually, th-î spectator has told you the name of his card in the beginning, he, as well as the audience will have forgotten this. The bit of showmanship of asking him in the end "for the first time" the name of his card, will give the lasting impression to the audience that thé name of bis card was not revealed by him until the very end. .

14 Turn glass around, remove card, bow to victim and invite audience by gesture to applaud him.


A. By mentioning and emphasizing the joker in this manner, the victim is frequently induced to think of the joker. Being a short card, it is easily located later on.

B. Should the victim choose the Ace of Spades, which they frequently do, you are all set for "a genuine miracle. Peep at top card of deck which you proclaim as you card and later top change for one of the Aces. Then proceed as above except ask them to point out glass containing your card, which makes them fail, but proves that you picked correctly the card they merely thought of= Balance of routine is the same.

C. Should you vrork with a borrowed pack, not matching the back design of your extra Ace of Spades, affix some diacylon on the back of your

'extra card and apply any card from the borrowed deck on top of it. Handle as one card.

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