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Of course you can memorize the word at each position on the list and then you won't require the prompter card and this would enable you to do the effect blindfolded.


"Friends, a short time ag , I had the pleasure of reading several books on Witchcraft as practiced by che Egyptians many thousands of years ago. These books were translated from the native signs and languages as used in those days, and the reading was very interesting to say the least.

"The books-contained many formulas of various charms that were used to create love, hatred and various passions of men. To ward off disease, wars and the like, It was interesting to note the ingredients employed in the making such successful charms, such as parts of frogs, animals, etc. By taking the left leg of a frog, the frog to be caught on a moonlight night in early spring, and buried sixteen days later at noon on a certain spot, and so forth until the charm was complete. This was one formula, however, that took my attention, knowing that it was a secret much sought for~by modern scientists - that of enabling a human to see in the darkness,

"For several days the idea of seeing in the darkness lingered in my mind and I found myself continually thinking about it. Foolish as it may seem, I spent many days and considerable time and money in securing the various ingredients and making a salve, which according to the Ancient Code, was to be placed on the eyelid of the right eye only .

"Frankly, I expected nothing would come of my efforts, but something urged me on and on. After the preparation had set the required number of days, I applied abit of my salve on my right eyelid and entered a pitch black room. Immediately, I sensed a new sensation. I groped against a table in the darkness, and my hand touched a book. I opened the book and held it a few inches from my eyes, and I was able to read the PRINTED LINES, and as plainly as in the daylight! I was so startled, surprised and overwhelmed at my discovery that I do not know what took place during the next few minutes, but I do distinctly remember reading the printed page in a room of total darkness, Imagine - a human owl!

"However, since that first memorable occasion, I have amused myself and friends many times by repeating the experiment, and with your permission, I will verify the above statement. Here is a bit of the MYSTIC SALVE I spoke about (produce a small jar of lard, cold cream or such) and I will place a little on my right eyelid; now if anyone will £•-elect any book and decide on any page, I will endeavor to locate and read that line in darkness!

"Do not look upon this, experiment as a sleight of hand performance, as that is not my purpose. I wish to present this demonstration in a scientific manner, and to convince you ' hat it is actually possible for me to read in total darkness - to ascertain colors, objects, etc,

"To avoid any possibility of trickery, you are at liberty to conduct an unrestricted examination of the room and my person. I will suggest that the lights are. turned on at the conclusion of my test, you are at liberty to flood the room with light at any time you feel that I am using any form of trickery, but please do not expect Lie to respond immediately, as I feel as you would' -imagine an owl would feel when suddenly taken from darkness into the light-."

After you have read the lecture (patter) and catalogue description of the various effects possible with this unique principle, you will have a better understanding of the effect and the information given.

It IS HGCGS S3 ry, of course, for one to read in darkness, to employ light of some kind. This test is far superior to the old methods of dark seance work, etc., as the apparatus employed is of such nature that it will not attract suspicion, and if seen, offers a logical solution for being present and automatically explains itself.

The secret is in a.luminous business card, which bears the following inscription, "P-obert Nelson, Columbus, Ohio.' If you v/milA look Efe this carefully, - you would, sees-nothing but an ordinary business card", it consequently explains Itself. Place the card in the sunlight or a strong artificial light, THEN take the card into a dark room, and you will note it is luminous, and also that it THROWS OFF RAYS OF LIGHT.

Hold the card over the printed page of any book, and it will be noted that sufficient light is projected from the surface or the card to Illuminate the printed page for reading. The longer you expose the card to strong light, the longer and more brilliant light it will give.

In the same way, you can read various playing cards, locate pages in a book, describe articles, colors, etc. The luminous surface has been arranged as a business card, to divert suspicion and if this is seen to be in the performers hand, the natural supposition is that you are using it as a book mark, or such. If your clothing is searched, anyone will immediately pass over the card, as using light projecting surfaces such as a business card is unknown to the public.

The card should be exposed just prior to the test. It will be noticed that the rays of light are thrown off the surface for a limited time only. The card . ABSQR3S the light vibrations and when placed in the dark, PROJECTS these vibrations of light until a supply is exhausted. The card may be exposed to artificial light, but the light not being as strong as daylight or sunlight, so you will note the result will not be as good as when exposed to sunlight, electric light being less intense. With artificial light, please place the card as near the light as possible, and allow it to remain there several minutes. The card projects the light in the same proportion THAT IT RECEIVES IT.

Care must be taken with the luminous card, as the spectators may see it in the darkness. If presenting a trumpet seance, the card may be held in the trumpet, the trumpet acting as a shield. The rays from the card striking any object will be reflected, but shielding the card and holding close to the object or printed page, the possibility of the reflection being seen can be eliminated by careful manipulation of the card. It is suggested that the performer employ TWO cards, a luminous card and an ordinary business card, the ordinary card to be used as a shield and covering to the luminous card.

Always arrange the spectators immediately in front of you during the demonstrat ion. Watch against reflections from the card against your clothing. Take same from your pocket (or off some table), covered with an ordinary card. In the event the lights are turned up, casually return card to pocket by a bold and natural move, or hold in yoTir hand. Or hold same with other paper in your hand. Remember, you have them completely off their guard, as this 'canned light® on the surface of business cards is something decidedly new and different.

You can be holding card in hand, allowing it to absorb light while giving better patter, toying with card, or holding it with other papers. Or it may be casually placed on the mantle with other papers. It may be placed anywhere near a light, and covered or picked up before the lights are turned on, unless out of sight of spectator.

For variations.and effects, just draw upon your imagination. For salve, use.any preparation, as same-is merely for effect and to fit in with the patter we furnish you.

A NEW'WRINKLE is suggested to add a clever angle to the effect: Performer should memorize a few paragraphs in the Bible;, phone book, etc. (some publication to be found in every home). Now, just prior to having the light turned out ask the spectator that you be handed the Bible AFTER THE LIGHTS ARE OUT, and that you will open it at random and read therefrom. If you have memorized lines on page 195, turn to that page immediately with card (You can be saying passages in the meantime) then return the card to pocket. You are sitting in the darkness, and ara repeating the lines on the page in front of you that you have previously memorized, and to the spectators you are READING IN THE DARK. If no one turns the lights on to catch you, keep right on reading, a d\: Try card may cr may not be employed to act as a bluff and guide.

: HERE IS KNOCK-OUT.' Effect: The performer seated in a chair, back to the audience. MY EOOK is selected from ANY selection of books, absolutely free choice granted; opened to any page by any spectator and any paragraph is freely selected and silently read by a spectator, the book immediately closed and handed to the performer. Lights are turned out, and the performer opens the book to page selected and reads aloud the selected paragraphs.

For this test, it is necessary that the performer have an assistant. The assistant carries a piece of cardboard about 2" square in the right pocket. Any chosen by any spectator, page selected and paragraph noted. While thé spectator is reading the selected page mentally, the assistant conducts the test, notes the page and number of paragraph on the card in the pocket, using a pencil stub,,

It must be remembered that the perforrtar is seated, with his back to the audience during this procedure. After the spectator has finished reading the paragraph, the assistant takes the book in left hand and scarts to take it to the performer, transferring the book to the right hand, in which the palmed guide cc;rd is concealed1 - Then har'"1 the book at-d card (card held under the book by finger) to the performer -, The lights are immediately turned out; then the perforraer reads the guide c^rd hy using luminous card, and locates the page and \ aragraph, and raaii s.?»ee by use of the. luminous card.

This t-r/c will be found effective vith or WITHOUI the dark reading feature, and should not, be overlooked.

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