How To Read Sealed Messages

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This is one of the finest effects in so called Spirit Message Tests. Follow our directions carefully and you will find that you have a trick that will mystify an audience. Prepare for producing effect after the follow ing manner.

Procure a very small tin salve or ointment box, one that the cover fits loosely so it can be removed quickly. It will come off easily if you grease inside with a little vaseline. In this box fasten a small fine sponge, and have it sufficient size so it projects above the top of box when cover is off. Moisten this sponge with Columbian Spirits, an odorless alcohol of very high grade, place cover on and you are ready to work the experiment. We might add that if you are a stickler for detail, this box should be painted flesh color.

Have these cards passed out and request that messages be written on them by different ones holding cards, and to place them face down so you cannot see them. This ruse will bring writing just the way that you want it for you pass envelopes to place messages in and the natural way to do so will be to have flap side of envelope up, as card_ with writing is inserted.

Have the envelopes sealed and gathering them up, you walk slowly back to table and as you do so, get box with sponge out and quickly rub across the front of envelope and this will nalce envelope transparent enough so you can plainly read the writing on card, which you remember so you can recall it again in a few moments.

We might mention a good way to get box in readiness is to stand with hand in pocket~wbile you-are~waiting for the last envelope to be sealed and in this manner you are in readiness to give the envelope a quick brush across surface as soon as you have turned and walked a little distance.

Remembering the writing in first envelope, you seat yourself at table that has a few books, or a box or similar article (one of our best magicians in this line has a small skull). Back of this you place your envelopes and box with sponge. Rub sponge across second envelope a3 you are about to raise 1st one to forehead.

to forehead, you appear to be reading in some strange abnormal manner the contents of the one held. As you do all this you also read and memorize contents of #2 that is before you. After reading #1 you pass it out and have it verified, or simply ask if it is correct.

Picking up #2, and knowing its contents you proceed as before, moistening #3 as you "read" #2 and so on until you have successfully made known the contents of all the sealed writings.

Another method is to have all writing placed on small sheets of paper and gathered up. Room is now darkened and performer or "medium" takes advantage of dark room to slip a rubbercloth or opaque cloth bag over head and shoulders and taking a pocket flash lamp, he holds the envelopes between himself and light and plainly reads what is written thereon.

Having read the various messages, he memorizes them and removing the black bag and concealing same, also flash lamp5 he proceeds to tell what the different messages were and to answer questions as he thinks most suitable to suit the person asking them. These two methods should furnish ample material to enable anyone to elaborate on same and give some wonderful "readings".


Effect: This is an admirable Spirit Effect to be produced at a Private Seance between a Medium and 'Sitter' while tclone in the 'Seance Room' of the medium. The sitter is invited to be seated in a chair, and is given three blank cards, and a pencil or fountain pen and requested to write at the top of each card his or her full name, and the name of a Departed Friend with whom he (or she) desires to communicate with.

He is also requested to write on each card one short question which he desires to have answered. This the 'sitter' does, and when finished he attracts attention of Medium by ringing a small "Desk Bell" close at hand., 'He now comes to 'sitter' and asks him to turn all the cards with the writing face downward on his lap, so the writing is hidden. This being done before Medium approaches 'sitter1. The Medium takes three envelopes from a stack he has in his hands, and allows sitter to insert a card in each one, face downward, and seal all three securely.

These three envelopes are now placed without exchange on small table nearby where Bell is resting. Medium now seats himself near sitter, goes into a 'Trance' and gives a correct reading of the three questions, reading each one singly, gives answer, and so proceeds until all three have been read, answered and verified including the giving of correct name of sitter, and the names of the Departed Friends written on the cards.

Method: A very clever idea used by many successful Mediums including the famous Lily Dale of "New York, a well known woman Trance Lecturer at Camp Chesterfield, Indiana, and a number of others of the better class. The only preparation beforehand is to take one of the small envelopes beforehand and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut off the lower edge of one envelope where the fold is, so the two thicknesses of envelope are separated and when the two ends of envelope are pressed, the two edges will 'buckle' and open, allowing a glimpse into its interior. As this envelope is not at any time in the hand of the sitter, no chance of discovery is possible.

When Medium approaches sitter, stack of several envelopes in hand, feked one is on top. To misdirect he asks sitter,'"'Have you written your name in full; have you written the names of some Departed Friends, etc." and finishes by remarking, "Now Friend, I want you to seal one of your cards in each of three of these envelopes in this manner." Here he takes one of the cards, writing downward, inserts it in the top envelope (feked one) and seals it.

To the sitter this will appear as tho he was being assisted by illustration for Medium passes two other envelopes to sitter, these envelopes being unprepared, and sitter inserts and seals the remaining two himself, and probably later will tell his friends he sealed all three and they never left his hands or were handled by medium, nor out of his sight for a moment.

Medium takes the three envelopes for a moment, and turns and glances around and appears to notice the small table nearby as suitable for the further continuance of the Seance. The sitter not knowing exactly just what is to be done, will think this is to help him, and should in no way become suspicious of same, for has he not sealed the three envelopes so they cannot be tampered with?

The table ia about ten feet irom sitter (the farther the better) and in front of him, and as medium-walks toward the table he says 'Very good, here is a table and we will place your cards right here for the present.* During the walk to the table and while apparently looking for same, the Medium with the three envelopes in his hand, and walking away from sitter, momentarily his back is toward the latter, which gives him a chance to squeeze the envelopes by the ends, which will cause the feked one to open at bottom edge, allowing him to read the writing and memorize its contents.

Placing envelopes on table a moment, he seats himself and appears to go into a Trance, places one of the unprepared envelopes to his forehead, and repeats the writing contained in the feked envelope read and memorized. This he now opens, reads and while appearing to verify for himself if correct, really reads the writing and commits it to memory for the next reading, which is gone thru in a like manner, being the old familiar "One Ahead Method" in a new form, and having read all three questions, and answered same, end seance.

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