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idea"the cards are being laid in any certain,order. Another point in this déception is the Performer in distributing the cards in heaps of fours, in the Zodiac, begins in the sign decided by a throw of the die, which is really an unprepared one. The dia may be dispensed with however, for its use is for effect only, the idea: is to create the impression of chance-combined with Astrology -as-being the basis of the mystery. It is for this reason I have indicated in Parf»nrhagiaJ Jh^MnH Pafh Tmtnor< ra 1 -fKrt-a»-! pr^ q _pl anR-f hPfni for the-addition, division, etc. and cannot too strongly urge my readers to resort to these expedients, thus misleading the company as much as possible from the true secret of the experiment.

Probably you are asking "How about the number of minutes or seconds shown by the watch, that you stated to me, when you performed this experiment for my benefit?" There is the rub, for when I distributed the cards in the Zodiac I secretly looked at the bottom card of division #13, technically known as the Sun-Çard and then referred to Table #2 (without being observed).

I secretly noted for instance the Sun Card was the 10 of Clubs, and looking; quickly at Table #2 I find the number immediately following this card (10-C) is #21, kept this in mind and indicated it to you a moment later as the number of seconds. This Table #2 should be written on a small card and kept concealed and palmed by performer for quick reference, and disposed of secretly when its use is no longer needed.

To make it more plain about the watch feature, let us explain as the watch is borrowed, the performer notes if the number of minutes or hours agree with the number on the Sun Card. Sometimes both will correspond, sometimes the watch lacks a minute or two, in which case the conjurer occupies the required amount of time by dictating all the other numbers first, or in some other way fills in time until the minutes on watch will correspond with the Sun Card. In case neither Minute nor Hour hand of watch will furnish the desired excuse for the dictation of the number of the Sun Card, the performer waits until the second hand approaches the right number.

At the proper moment the performer-shows watch to party-who loaned it to him and exclaims -uThe--seconds-are just twenty-one, are they not?" and by that time the second hand having arrived at twenty-one, the gentleman corroborates the performer's statement and this number 21 (or whatever number you happen to need to coincide with the one you are making use of) and use of this number is carried out as previously directed.

The only thing to be explained is the Birth Card. You will find this is very easily accomplished, for all that is required is to double the number of the month in which the person was born, then add to this the day of birth and subtract the total from 55. Example follows; Birth Card for the 5th of April (this is the 4th month)

Double the number of the month—-----------2 times 4'---Equal 8

Add the day of month™---------—8 plus 5 " 13

Subtract the total from 55-----------------55 minus 13 " 42

Now 42 according to Table #1 is a Three of Hearts which is the Birth Card. Another example. Birth card for December 10th (the 12th month).

Nov"'follows--several examples- of the entire process of figuring, knowing that they will materially assist in learning-"the-proper-procedure to pursue while presenting the experiment;

Example: Date of person's birth Feb. 9th: (this makes birth card Three of Hearts) its number in Table //I is 42, the Thought Card 27, the Ace of Spades and the Sun Card, Six of Spades (36 minutes).

Multiply Thought Card (27) by 33----------27 times 33 Equals-------891

Add month of birth (Feb. is second month) Add 2

Add Days of week (planets) Seven times seven "'. 49

Add minutes as indicated by watch '' 36

Add Birth Card (Three of Hearts, number 42) 15 42

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