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Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading

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Anna Eva Fay Message Test----------------------------- 142

Baffo Sealed Letter Test-------------------------------143

Cagliostro Billet Reading Test ------------------------- 144

Demon Thought Projection —----------------------------- 146

Giant Memory Trick (Simplified Methoc") —--------------- 147

Hew to Read Sealed Messages —----------------—---------------150

K Sealed Letter Test, The ----------------------------------- 152

Living or the Dead -----------------------------------------153

Lulu Hurst Broom Test------------------------------------ 154

Mad;r le Norman d Outdone---------------------------------- 155

Mepristo's Prediction --------------------------------------- 157

Mind Over Matter----------------------——------------------- 158

Migrating Music of the Spooks ----------------------------- 159

Mind Reading Par Excc3.1er»ce —----------------------------- 161

Mysteries of the Zodiac ---------------------------------- 165

Mysterious Apple, Egg and Orange------------------------169

Mysterious Paintings, The ----------------------------------171

New Book Test -----------------------------------------------— 172

New Sealed Envelope Force ---------------—-------------------173

New Spirit Reading ---------------------------------------------- 175

Nit ram Aro Mind Reading Act —----------------—---------- 176

Perfection Miracle Slate —-------------—---------------------------------183

Pulse Test Extraordinary —---------—----------------------— 185

Satanic Book Test--------—-------————---------------------------------186

Satanic Prophecy -------------------—■—--------—---------------187

Second Sight Dice Trick -------------------------------•------------------188

Single Party Slate Writing ------------------------------------190

Single Person Mind Reading Act ----------—------------------191

( pirit Card Reading —----------------------------------------------------------------------------195

: pirii: Reading Extraordinary -------------—----------------196

Thirty Dollar Sealed Letter Test ---------------------— 197

Two Person Seance Act -----------------------------------------------------198

Wonderful Spirit Slate Secret--------------------------------200

World's Greatest Spiritualistic Masterpiece ------------------------201

Yogi Eyes —------------■-------—--------------------—-------—•— 205


Since publishing the ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY OF MENTALISM a year ago, we have been deluged with letters requesting more such valuable information. As Burling Hull had foreseen the need of a work such as this, he had already assembled a large number of effects for a second volume.

In addition to the effects collected by Hull, we were able to obtain a large number of truly fantastic mental effects for publication. We are proud to present this outstanding selection of secrets, methods, instructions and routines for the practitioners and students of Mentalism.

The value of all the secrets in this book would run into hundreds of dollars if purchased separately. The contents are varied to provide each reader with something to his liking and all the information comes from professional sources, so that you are provided only with tiled and tested material.

The material for this volume has been gathered from many sources and we want to thank the dealers and originators whose items appear in this book. All effects and manuscripts remain the property of the contributors, origin-atora and dealers who reserve all commercial rights to their items. We have made no attempt to run down credits other than those which accompanied the original manuscripts. Special thanks must go to Louis Tannen, Inc., Nelson Enterprises, Regow's House of Enchantment and Magictrix House of Magic for their contributions to this volume.

There is still a wealth of material left and we have received promises of contributions from Mentalists and Dealers for yet another volume of the ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY OF MENTALISM. We will be happy to publish a third volume if we feel that there is a demand for it—time will tell. But in the meantime, we feel that this volume will fill the present-day needs of Mentalists for a while.

We hope that you will find the contents of this book informative and instructive, and that you will be as enthusiastic about it as we are.

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