To replace the carbon pa>er, remove the "metal -clip and~remove the "Contact"' paper from the facë of the board. Replace the carbon and replace the "Contact" paper.


A1 Koran (Louis Tannen, Inc.)

HERE IS A BEAUTIFULLY SUBTLE PIECE OF MAGIC. What I want to emphasize first Is, that A1 Koran has baffled thousands of people...magician's and laymen alike WITH EXACTLY THIS...There is absolutely no reasonable reason, why YOU should not do the same.

The actual secret Is delightfully simple...so sfaiple In fact, that you should be able to devote all your talent to its PRESENTATION. Do this, and you have a very powerful addition to your programme, just TAKE YOUR TIME...GET THE HAND_ LING AND TIMING RIGHT, and it should prove as big a winner to YOU, as it has to A1 Koran.

Don't handle the book like a "hot potato"...remember YOU are the only one that knows it's faked...in the presentation, the book MUST be handled CASUALLY... there are some fine 'red herrings' thrown in, to make it seem to take a secondary, and innocent part in the proceedings. DON'T HANG AROUND LIKE A FRIGHTENED HEN while they have the book in their hands...give your directions CLEARLY and FIRMLY, and they won't have time, or the inclination, to worry about the book. A1 Koran has performed this hundreds of times, he has never had one occasion, when his assistant has been suspicious of the book. This, is entirely due to firm and clear directions...Now, you are fore-warned, and forearmed. . .let's get down to the study cf the apparatus and routine. I consider the foregoing so important, that I do hope you will read it all AGAIN, and get it clearly in your head.

Apparatus: Consists of a cleverly gimmicked book. Open the cover and you will find that a portion of the stiff cover has been removed...stuck on the facing page and, on top of it, pasted lightly, a piece of paper. When the book is closed, the cut-out piece fills the hole...so nothing seems out of place, from the outside.

Inside the dust jacket is pasted a piece of carbon...both the carbon and piece of paper can be easily replaced, whenever necessary. If dust jacket gets vcrn, replace with any other dust jacket.

The idea should now become quite clear...if a person write on a piece of paper, and uses the book as a sort of temporary desk...whatever he writes will be recorded on the piece of paper inside the book. Further...holding the book in your hands, and running-"through its pages casually, while talking, one can eaajXy^gge-wftertTftaa bftwr-vrlttea^ IT'S as easy ast±tar^»»-tba£ ±s-, as far a^ the actual secret goes.. .BUT... Mm>. flAMTyrrrcfl-. >mrNft and snitable^patter » blends it into a perfect mystery.

0therr RequiremeirtsThe-routine calls for the use of a PENCIL., .use a fairly HARD one. A piece of paper on which selected-word is written.

You also need a BOARD, painted Rack, with a surface that will take Chalk easily. A small one for Drawing Room work (use a slate if you like) and a very much larger one for Platform or stage or use a square-of cardboard and crayon.

A couple of pieces of CHALK readily at hand...and a piece of CARD. (Your visiting card will do nicely).


Routine & Patter: Pick up the book and run through its pages casually, and say..."Here is a novel consisting of four hundred pages, and containing over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS. Now, if I were to ask someone to call out a word haphazardly, it may be thought that I am using a confederate. On the other hand you may suspect that I am using a remote kind of psychology. I want a word chosen from this book. ..A Word from Thousands... and I want it done in the fairest manner possible...fair to both yourselves., and ME! So, can I have the kind assistant of two members of the audience to help me in this experiment. I am sure it will prove to be very interesting to them!"

two people come up to help you...hand one of them the book, together with the small visiting card and say..."Will you please push this card into the {dosed) book.. .ANYWHERE YOU LIKE. This will locate the page we shall use for our~B3cper±ment." He does so.

"Now have you any idea of the number of the page, you have selected are you satisfied with it...or would you like to CHANGE YOUR MIND". Whatever he chooses to do, you then ask him to hand the book to the second assistant. Addressing him, you say..."Please open the book at the page your friend selected." He does so... "There are TWO pages facing you... containing approximately a thousand words. Run your eyes over them. ..ONE word will probably appeal to you more thanthe others. There may be several...but I feel that you can make up your mind about just ONE word...ONE word in THOUSANDS, you may change your mind as much as you like, but you will finally settle on ONEl=

"Now close the book and remove the card, so as not to leave ANY CLUE as to where it has been". Hand him Pencil and Piece of Paper, saying..."As a check, and to safeguard me from the possibility of you changing your mind again...I want you to write this word down...and, after doing so, fold the paper...then hand it to your friend, for safe keeping."

On completion of his writing, etc. casually take the book from him...he gives his paper to other assistant. Advance to front centre, riffle through the book casually...so that it appears as if you are hardly looking at it, and say, "Somewhere in this book, is a page, selected in the fairest possible manner. On this page is a WORD, chosen froiu -thousands^^infact, we can fairly describe it as a "Word in Thousands".

While you are talking you are riffling the pages and reaching the faked page j usir^T!OTftettt3r3r»glja^^ t^rer-^yotr-tnr^gg^

nation. TAKE YOUH TIME, and take it easy...you have sufficient words to get you through the casual riffling of the pages...the momentary glance...and _____

finally closing the bock..^hold it closed in one hand, raise it high irt-Jth& air, and finally throw itucarelessly on the table^J:ajmOLJfflRE3U^--Bir CASUAL.. THIS IS IMPORTANT: that's why I keep'oh"repeating this advice.

Say to the chooser of the word.."Do you think that if I knew the page number, I could kaow the word you chose out of the possible words on that page. He should say "No"..."Perhaps you know that page nuniber; did you take note of it? If he happens to know the page number...ask him to name it...then repeat it after him, with a question only kno;jlng air..."page ?"...Very interesting indeed. Now, or. this page.,.there is a word which appeals to you..a word in thousands...looking at you. and assessing your personality, I think that I can understand why"

This doesn't mean anything...but it sounds very profound. Actually you no, of course, know tha woza and, if pu are lucky, it is an unusual cne... at least one on which you can "build up"/ For instance, I have just actually opened the book I arj using while \writing the instructions and on the page facing me, there are some words which utand out to me. "honeymoon".,."war".. "marched",.o"love"...you will appreciate that if any of these wordy were chosen...what a nice build up you could give!

Pick up the chalks, hand him a piece, keeping tha other for yourself...say.

In a few moments I will hold aboard between us, and on my word of command, I want you to write your choscn word, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Hold the board between you and spectator.you are both "side-on" to audience... so they can see everything that happens, while it happens. Give the word,.e"go" and you both write as fast as possible each on your own side of the board. On completion, swing HIS side around so that it faces the audience...he bids the board, while you read out aloud, the -^/ord he has written. Ask spectator holding folded paper to read cut aloud, what is written there. When he does, swing the board round so that your side now faces the audience; and ra-.-eal that you have written EXACTLY THE SAME WCllD. The word in audience» and reveal that you have written EXACTLY THE SAKE WOPJ). The word in thousands. There you are then the routine and patter exactly as used by A1 Koran. He haa read these instruction sheets and approves» Hit final word of advice it; this. . ."Don't overlook thin item because of its simple "neachincs" remember co^e of the greatest reputed "miracles" in magic, hava been accomplished by the simplest means, it is PRESENTATION that cov.:.:¿<t." This excellent advice I hear L ily endorse!

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