Down On Papers Or Cards

In the WRITTEN method the performer obtains the NAME of person and SUBJECT he or she is interested in, AFTER such data has been written down on paper or a card. In the "NO WRITING" method the performer already HAS the data concerning the spectator, his name (and address for extra effect) the type of trade or profession engaged in. Therefore he KNOWS the spectator's QUESTIONS, that are in the back of his mind. About his success, progress, advancement in his profession or business BECAUSE YOU KNOW what his business is. Probably you have the name of his business, its address, even phone number to reveal if need be. You know about his family, wife's name, probably that of son and (or) daughter accompanying him, their residence address, home phone (even in a distant city) via phone directory. He will have questions in his mind wondering about whether this year will bring him increased success, improved progress in his profession or business; recognition, advancement, election or nomination, or being considered for election to some office of some sort in profession, trade, community or political groups, fraternity or civic club or the concern he is with.

What makes this appear identical with the question Answering Acts which require that "questions" and names of writers be written down (and need clip boards and Switches and "Gimmicks" and "steals") to get possession of information, plus names of questioners in audience??? Why you do the same sort of thing in BOTH acts. You call out initials of persons in .■audience who have never seen or met you before. When they acknowledge such as their initials you ask them to "Think" of their first name. In BOTH acts you then spell out or reveal the name THEY ARE "THINKING OF". You later give the last name in your talk, apparently by reading their thoughts. Next you ask them to concentrate their thoughts on their business, home, family ---- "Subjects that concern you personally". In the old Written Question Act you give the information from the written question itself, plus the Initials and Name of Writer. Then you parcel all this back to them. In .this "No Questions Written" Act YOU ALREADY KNOW the initials, and the First and Last Name to spell out.

Read over the "Cold Reading" data or "Psychological Reading" Procedure covering all types of persons, which is obtained in Volume One of "THE DICTIONARY OF MENTALISM". This will enable YOU to give the effect that you have "READ minds" (with no questions written down) and divined their "THOUGHTS" on matters they are actually wondering about, questioning themselves about, Subjects that if they were to write -SINCERELY the questions which are in their innermost thoughts, these would be the subjects their questions would deal with. Here is the "Patter and Procedure". (No, 1).- state his thoughts are in connection with "a very important matter, which if it goes through, will involve a big sum of money". Also he "is being considered for an office in an organization,"

(No.2) In another case, say you feel person is from out of town. -Ask person to think of State, then city. Then think of street and finally the number on street, Give each singly.

(No.3.) Give other initials. Spell out the name. Ask this person to think of telephone number., in home town, if out of town. Give number-----one digit at a time. As it is out of town it will startle the person.

(No.4.) Another case, ask person to think of auto license number. You got these from parking lot or your assistant checking cars that drive up to theatre; in conventions take them from parking lot and tip the doorman to help you. Assistant goes with him to check cars.

All motels take down car license numbers and they go on the Registration Card; some hotels having parking lots. You collect big fees for Mental Acts—

$200.00 up average ---$500.00 upward for a smart showman. So don't be afraid to pass out $3.00 to $5.00 tips or better for help. I have doormen "fixed" in convention hotels and they get car license and name from bell boy on any big costly, important looking cars.

You will be accepted as "having pulled thoughts right out of the minds of spectators". Names, Facts, Addresses, Problems in their Thoughts at the time, telephone numbers they are thinking of, home state. Street and number addresses. Nature of Business or Profession. All matters that are right now "in the subconscious minds" of your spectators.

Don't let anyone interrupt you. Call attention to the fact that you WARNED at the start that NO ONE MUST INTERRUPT. As it distracts and diverts the THOUGHTS of all the spectators who are TRYING to send you their thoughts on special matters. "There is no substitute for courtesy."

If you get a "Nut" who tries to INSIST that you read her mind, etc. -repeat explanation that you warned about such interruptions before. That you aire not trying to "convert" anyone to any religion or politics.

I Heard a fine concert the other day with both popular and classic music. I did not stop the show and say --- "Cut out all this classic stuff-

and put on some Rock and Roll. I want to snap my fingers. Play the Jail

House Rock --- my gal wants to get out in the aisle and jazz around a bit".

I knew enough not to interrupt a program and ruin it for the rest of the-audience. If I did not like the program I could walk — and never be missed!!

' There you have It - one of the INSIDE ACTS OF Professional Mentalism! You can now present "No Questions or Names Written Down" Mentalism----

an "Incredible" and "Impossible" appearing mystery for audiences anywherelI


Effect: Performer freely places ten cards in a row in front of spectator. The cards alternate, one face up,the next back up. The spectator is told to concentrate on a certain color. The color is obviously not on the cards in the row. The spectator is then told to think of and announce any number from one to ten.

Having announced his number, the performer counts or spells to that number, and pushes that card forward. Then shows the other sides of the remaining cards.

Upon turning over the spectator's card - it is the thought of color card|



Method: You -require ten cards; they are alike, front and back with the exception of two cards. These are one color on one side and the color corresponding to the regular eight on the other side - the other odd card is the opposite.

Now, place the gimmicked cards at the third and fourth place, from your left, as you place them in a row. Be careful that all of the cards look alike as they alternate: one face up, one face down, one face up, one face down. etc.

Now, if spectator states number one, you count '0' 'N' 'E'. (This brings you to the third card. If the number two is selected, say 'T' 'W' '0'~ this brings you to the third card. If number three is selected - COUNT, one, two, three - this of course, brings you to the third card. If number four is selected, again COUNT: "one, two, three, four"~this brings you to the fourth card. If number five is selected, again spell, 'F' 'I' 'V' 'E'-this brings you to the fourth card. If number six is selected, again SPELL 'S' 'I® 'X'"again you are at the third card. If number seven or eight is chosen have the spectator use his finger and count each card beginning at the other end of the row; this will be at his upper left, so is natural for him; in either case he will come to the third or fourth card (on your left). If number nine or ten is selected SPELL beginning on your left.

You can immediately see that this is a powerful one time effect. DO NOT REPEAT IT NO MATTER HOW* MUCH YOU ARE TEMPTED TO DO SO. This old effect, so old that no writer knows its true origin, is so powerful that, having done it once, put it back in your pocket. Your friends will try a long time to figure this one.

Always carry the half pack containing the third and fourth (gimmicked) cards on one certain side of the little card wallet >?hen'you'set up for this effect. This way you always know where your cards are, so you can without hesitation start placing the cards in a row on the surface before the spectators.


The 'Miracle Prediction of the Age' is a proven experiment. It achieved one of the greatest publicity breaks in modern magic - WORLD WIDE newspaper coverage, nationwide radio coverage - front page position, and even stirred the imagination of editorial writers into action.

To further convey the planning, showmanship and execution of such a sensational publicity campaign, notes are taken from Mr. Nelson's book. 'Super Prediction Tricks', explaining his first and original presentation of the 'Miracle Prediction of the Age', Herewith excerpts from his book -

Shortly before the Pittsburgh I.B.M. Convention (June, 1947) the author was contacted by the Publicity Committee, and asked to do a 'prediction' or some outstanding publicity stunt.

I would like to relate the actual events that followed, step by step, and show clearly the success that was achieved. This is not being presented in a spirit of boastfulness, but as conclusive proof of the merits of the well

JPIJUimD-'TTIlHJXITYH^ to further analyze -each-pro gressive step in view of passing some of~~the-knowledge gained on to you.

Once the offer to. present a 'publicity prediction' experiment was accepted, the author contacted Mr. Kingdon Brown of the publicity committee, who worked tirelessly for the success of the venture. Tampa Ring's Public Relations Bureau was informed of the prediction, and the venture was under way.

However, fot weeks in advance, the 'Miracle Prediction of the Age' was most carefully planned, checked and rechecked by-the author, assisted most ably by E.J. Moore. The entire campaign was successful - BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED THAT WAY. We didn't just HAPPEN to be lucky in the publicity break - it was all thought out in advance, and ENGINEERED to its successful conclusion.

Contact was made with all newspapers and the City Hall. Since the (policy) number situation was too touchy in Pittsburgh, it was decided to predict the headlines on each of the three local newspapers, one of which was to include the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Giants baseball game, giving the box score and the hits, runs and errors.

Accompanied by newspaper men, Mr. Nelson visited the office of George E.A.-Fairley, Pittsburgh's Director of Public Safety, and there, witnessed by e score of newspaper men, city officials and police officers Nelson presented to Director Fairly his prediction of the headlines that would appear on Friday, written on a folded piece of hotel stationery. This was on Wednesday morning.

Director Fairley placed his signature on the Prediction paper, and inserted it into a small aspirin tin (box) after first making a secret mark inside the box, and a mark known only to himself. The box was securely sealed with two lengths of wire. Mr, Fairley then placed the aspirin box in a larger tin box (Bisodol tablet box) which he securely wired shut. On the outside of the box, Mr. Fairley made an identification mark. The box was then sealed in an identified envelope by the officials, placed in a locked vault until such time as preparations could be made for baking the prediction in a loaf of bread.

The bake shop of the Wnu Penn Hotel was glad to cooperate. About two o'clock that afternoon., the bo:: was brought from City Hall by Patrolman SluSs6r, who personally inserted it in the batch of bread dough prepared by Head-Baker Gino Patcini, under the watchful eye and guidance of newspaper men and city officials.

To further identify the bread, one of the newspaper men inserted a coin, on which he had placed a secret mark, into the bread, and one of the newspaper women placed her department store chargaplate in the dough.

As soon as the bread was baked and cooled, it was placed in a transparent plastic box, locked and sealed with gummed tape, this tape bearing the signature of other witnesses. The bread in the plastic box was then placed on display in a glass cigar case in the lobby of the Wm. Penn Hotel, here it reposed, untouched, until it was removed from the cigar case on the night of the reading of the prediction, Fridayat the Syria Mosque.

It was planned to have the baked loaf x-rayed, and use this picture in the publicity stories, and to be placed with the bread on display. However, time was running short due to delay in getting the bread baked, and the x-ray picture was omitted.

From noon until the bread was opened, it was under POLICE GUARD, a uniformed police officer being detailed to stand watch over the bread so that NO ONE touched it. The police officer, with other officials, and the loaf of bread was escorted by police motorcycle escort, with sirens screaming to Syria Mosque. The bread (in sealed plastic box) remained in full custody of Mr. Fairley, other city officials, and newspaper men until the moment arrived for Mr. Nelson to present his "Miracle Prediction of the age".

The uniformed officer stepped over the footlights with the sealed box. containing the bread. Director George E.A. Fairley, Mr. Andrew Charles, Assistant Supt. of Police, Police Inspector Frank H. Keefe, Mr. Beecher of the Pittsburgh Press, Leonard Menlowitz of the Sun-Telegraph and others stepped upon the stage. A newsman from the Post-Gazette covered the show from back stage.

Only a card table was on the stage, off to one side, Robert Nelson stood at the mike, entirely away from the bread, and explained that 'Sunday night he had perceived certain things that he felt reasonably sure were bound to occur upon his particular day, and had recorded them on a piece of hotel stationery.' He then went into a lengthy discourse on the actual events that took place (related above).

The committee was then urged to most critically examine the plastic box — to ascertain to their complete satisfaction that the box had NOT been opened - that all seals were intact, and the box identified. The box was unlocked by one of the committee and the loaf of bread taken from same. The bread was then placed on top of the transparent box, permitting vision from every side.

Mr. Nelson then directed the committee to take the loaf of bread and submit it to a most critical examination - to satisfy themselves that it hadn't been tampered with in any way - to ascertain there were no holes, slots or cuts in the entire surface of the bread. It can be said here that the committee was extremely critical and checked every detail.

Having satisfied themselves on this score, the committee was directed to slowly tear the bread apart, piece by piece, noting that EVERY FIBRE OF THE BREAD WAS INTACT. Soon the Director, located and removed the prediction box, also the coin and chargaplate, which were promptly identified.

The outer Bisodol box was identified by the committee, who found it necessary to scrape some of the baked dough from the box before breaking the seals and opening same. The aspirin box was then identified. Eagerly the Director opened the aspirin box, identified his SECRET MARK ON THE LID and identified his signature on the prediction paper. He read aloud the prediction message, which foretold exactly the headlines of Pittsburgh's three newspapers - From the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraphy; 'Nathaniel Spear Dies, Dean of Merchants here.' (2) Pittsburgh Press: '16 Killed in Clipper Crash' (actually the headline read on 15 - en error of one in the prediction). (3) 'Post-Gazette - Pirates Break Slump, Beat Giants 12-2' , And then followed the BOX SCORE, together with the HITS ,RUNS AND ERRORS - CORRECT IN EVERY DETAIL.

Director Fairley read the predictions, showing the bold headlines for all for complete verification. The committee and audience completely baffled, were thanked for their splendid cooperation, and dismissed, while Nelson received a tremendous ovation from the 3800 spectators present.

This is a brief, but accurate summary of Bob Nelson's presentation of his 'Miracle Prediction of the Age' as presented by him at Pittsburgh, June 20th.

All during the presentation, newsmen's flash cameras were popping like mad, which added to the excitement and glamour of the occasion. Immediately, after the presentation, Mr. Nelson was contacted by Miss Ann Kirby, Pittsburgh's leading woman radio commentator, who endeavored to arrange a special review at 11 p.m. to scoop the morning papers. But unfortunately, time did not permit - so the story was phoned to the radio stations - at 11 beautiful description of the event was broadcast, a full three and a half minutes being devoted to the prediction. Back at the hotel, the phones started ringing from people all over the country - seeking interviews and answers to future events. Phone service had to be cut off to Mr. Nelson's suite, of rooms.

Early next morning the prediction story was picked up, by the radio cha-. ins and put on an, early morning news program nationwide. The three Pittsburgh papers carried glowing storleB of the success of the event, one of them, the Sun-Telegraph with a nice two column spread on page one. The United Press picked up the story, and sent it NATIONWIDE. It WAS CARRIED IN HUNDREDS OF NEWSPAPERS, ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES 5 AND IN A GREAT MANY CASES, ON PAGE ONE. Editorials were written about the unusual happening. The New Orleans Item carried a beautiful spread on page ONE, preferred position, bold headlines and art. The publicity didn't stop here. It was picked up by WORLD WIDE SERVICE, and the story of Nelsons Miracle Prediction of the Age was sent to newspapers. ALL OVER THE WORLD.

THAT was the result achieved by the prediction. We had achieved our goal. We had proven a point. A well staged prediction could, AND WOULD mystify and startle thousands of people, as well as catching the imagination of millions of newspaper readers and radio listeners. The author does not feel egotistical when I say the committee was completely mystified, as well as ALL magicians present. Knowing the complicated workings of the 'Miracle Prediction' we do not believe anyone could follow it,, in its entirety. It was made 99 44/100% fool-proof. Merv Taylor, West Coast Magic Manufacturer,, told me a few days afterward, that he had personally heard 29 explanations of the prediction, all different, by the magicians; , that he 'hadn t even the most remote explanation'.

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