Demon Thought Projection

Effect: Performer states that he will write on a slip of paper or card, three or four items. For Instance, Name of a Well Known Person, Certain Day in the week, a Color, and a Number Between 1 and 1,000. This he apparently does, but without letting anyone see what he really has written. After folding up the small card or slip of paper on which he has just appeared to have written as mentioned above, he places the card or slip of paper in an envelope and seals it.

Taking a second slip of paper or card, the performer now states that he will demonstrate the theory of Projection of Thought. He then goes on to relate about the development of so-called Mental Influence and the possibility of causing the same thought waves to be transferred thru-out the entire assembly present; that is if it is conducted in a serious manner along scientific lines.

Performer now addresses the audience further as follows: Friends, I have written on this slip of paper (or card, as case may be) and in writing I have enumerated several items, all written plainly, and then have placed this in an ordinary envelope and sealed it securely. No one knows what the writing is except myself, and yet I propose to cause you yourselves to assert a correct Mental Impression of what I have already written. When I say "Commence" I want you to call out loudly the name of the very first person that comes to your mind. "Commence".

Now whatever name is called, the performer writes it on a slip of paper which he holds, explaining it is simply a memorandum so there can be no mistake or error claimed on account of his memory being at fault. In the same manner the spectators are requested to loudly name a Day in the Week, next a color, and finally a number between 1 and 1,000. All of which the performer makes a note of on card or slip of paper he holds.

Performer should impress his audience that he in no way influences their free choice, but they are doing it of their own free will. At the finish of the various voluntary selections by audience, the performer reads from his memorandum the name, day of week, color and number they have chosen. If performer has decided to change this routine and adopt other items, it makes no difference*, only of course this should be planned out at beginning.

Now let us suppose he has written "Pershing""Wednesday" "Blue" and "1892". The performer now opens the sealed envelope, removes paper or card this being the one he previously wrote prediction on and sealed in envelope, and having taken same from envelope, it is passed for examination and, astonishing as it may seem, his predictions tally exactly with those selected by the audience "^r10" choice was a free and uninfluenced one.

.Method': . No prepared envelope is used in this method. Performer provides himself with a short pencil and a thin card and previous to presentation conceals these in right trouser of coat, pocket. Now the procedure from viewpoint of audience is exactly the same. Performer writes an apparent, prediction on an exact duplicate of card he has concealed in pocket. He now folds this card into two or four thicknesses and places .sanK3 in. .envelops, arid^seals.

Mot? .when„.fiudience is calling out the- various-names of person, color, day or week, etc, the performer with hand in pocket writes these various items on the card and may even do this outside of pocket by holding card and pencil behind him, assuming a careless attitude as tho simply listening and disinterested. When all has been written on the card, it should be folded in exact manner that card in envelope is, that is, the original one that is supposed to contain your prediction.

If folded small it will be found very convenient to follow the moves that we shall now describe. He brings the folded card up against the rear of envelope with prediction (?) inside, presses the folded card against rear, tears off end, goes inside envelope with 2nd and 3rd finger a.iid thumb and 1st finger go to rear of envelope and nip folder card at rear. This you remember contains the written prediction made with short pencil while held in pocket or behind back. Appear to pull this frcm envelope, leaving the other card in envelope, toss aside and pass the card with writing on for verification.

GIANT MEMORY TRICK (Simplified Method)

Presentation: Prepare several plain cards by numbering them down the left margin from one to six on first card, seven to twelve on second, and so on until you have sufficient numbers, which will be determined by the number of words you are going to use in your wonderful memorizing trick.

We suggest you start with trying about twelve words at first, and gradually working up to a higher number until you are using about thirty, which you will usually find quite enough, altho with the method we give you can go as high as seventy after a little practice.

When you are ready to commence trick, pass out the cards to a number of persons^ that is if you are using thirty words, and you have cards numbered so there are six numbers on each card Tou allow five persons to participate in experiment.

Ask these five persons to write a common noun against each number on their card and when all l.cve their carda filled, yen ask what word number one is, then number tv,os and so cu until you have had aLI of the words (in this case thirty) given to you, and the number of the word as it appears on their various cards.

As soon as they have told you all this you immediately startle them all by quickly repeating every word told you and its relative number as it appears on their card. You also repeat them backward, tell the number of any word, or give the word to any number called. You do this until all are convinced you are an abnormal mental phenomenon.

This really seems impossible, but in a few moments we will prove it is comparatively easy if you will follow up closely and take each part of the trick step by step. First of all we ask you to look at codes that we have prepared whereby~we-represent~-nuEbers 'using, consonants: also code of fixed ideas.

The" idea. ^ uus xs rirst to give you a basis to work on. For instance- i-f we are usiug-Tjetrters—ftnrniuJiiexaJ.s^a!i^ __is__giveiL-4as- -____

and we associate it with a letter or letters, and by addition of a vowel or two we get a word from the combination, we have something to work on.

Let us take 34 for instance. In code of letters we find 3 is M and 4 is R. Now look at code of fixed ideas and you find the word MaRe. The vowels are added to complete a word. Now let's take 25. In code of letters we find 2 is N and 5 is L. Now by adding a couple of vowels we get the word Nail which is the one used in code of fixed ideas.

Memorize your two codes and you will have no trouble at any time in allowing-you to remember any number of words given. For short example suppose your audience gave you the following: #1-Flag; #2-Wagon; #3-Ice; #4-Paper; #5-Hoe.

Now comes the surprising part or explanation, which will probably clear up a lot of haze for you. In order to memorize the word that is given you by audience, you upon being told that for instance #1 is flag, remember your #1 in your code is Tea, and you must associate your #1 and their #1 in such a way so you won't forget it. This is the method.

You must conjure up the most ridiculous and outlandish things you can think of in getting you word and theirs together in some manner so when you think of one you think of the other; in other words, when you remember the #1 of your code, your code word used in conjunction with theirs, is so silly and outlandish you cannot help but remember it and naturally you of course in that way remember their word and number and so on all thru the list of words and numbers.

A simple illustration. Their #1 is FLAG. Your #1 is TEA. Think of stirring up a cup of TEA with a FLAG and getting it, the TEA, all streaky. Their #2 is WAGON. Yours is NOAH. Imagine NOAH with a WAGON load of elephants getting stuck in the mud, driving to the Ark. T&eir #3 is ICE. Your #3 is MA. Imagine your MA lugging a cake of ICE upstairs and you bossing the job. Their #4 is PAPER. Your #4 is RYE. Imagine going for some RYE and asking the bartender to wrap it up in PAPER without putting it in a bottle. Their #5 Is HOE. Your #5 is LYE. Imagine trying to open a can of lye with a hoe and the awkward job it was.

So you see from these few examples just what you are to do and there is no doubt right now that you have these five committed already and cannot think of one word without thinking of the other, which is the secret of it. all.

The appended codes, etc. are fully explained in the accompanying directions which should be carefully read before undertaking to memorize the codes and matters pertaining to them.


T or D represents numeral1 J also ch,sh,z and G represent numeral 6 N " 2 K also hard C (like in Count)" " 7

L " 5 C also Z (soft as in Azure) " " 0

AT 1—of 4:hp,_flhngftjn' 1 1 appp^-r^rfrrangp af--R-rgr~ "hut- after a little-explana-tion-you will find it simplicity itself, for there is nothing-_di£ficult to it or any part of the trick as you will find out as soon as you get the idea we wish to convey.

The above CODE is to be memorized and is easily done in this manner. Let us take each item by itself.

T or D meaning number 1 N "2

is a letter made by ONE stroke downward. " TWO strokes "

.. .. .. .. xhkee is last letted in word FOUR, (in code R is 4). is Roman numeral for 50.Strike off 0 and 5 remains. J reversed in position resembles 6 very much.

K or D meaning number 7 you remember from fact there is no particular sign. F " 8 In script or written, F resembles number 8.

P " "9 Letter P looks like 9 reversed in position.

C " "0 first letter in word Cipher meaning nothing.

Now commit all the above to memory so that in an instant you will be able to remember the consonant (letter that represents the numerals", and when you have done this, you are over half way thru the woods.







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