Breaking A Cocktail Glass By Thought Waves

Mental. Stunner #4

Effect: Here is a classic in mental magic. From several cocktail glasses, one is selected. This is placed in a transparent glassine or plastic bag to prevent injury or damage when the glass shatters. Assistant stands several feet from the performer, or in the audience, while the performer 'concentrates' on the glass. On command, the glass is HEARD to break, and does break in the transparent bag, proving 'thought control by mental vibration. '

Method: Some advance preparation and experimentation is necessary with this effect. However, it is so sensational when properly presented, that it warrants any amount of advance work. Not long ago, it was presented over the nation's radio networks, and proved a tremendous sensation.

Advance preparation includes securing several of the thin cocktail glasses. One of the glasses is broken (stem) in two or three pieces, also the bowl of the glass is broken in two or three places. The glass is then reassembled, using just the barest amount of rubber cement to hold the glass in its original condition.

Three to five glasses should thus be prepared, and placed on a tray. The glasses can be identified by their positions, as one, two, three, etc., and an honest selection can be given in this manner.

It may be necessary to break a number of glasses to secure three or four satisfactory ones for the test.

Performer places the selected glass in transparent bag, handling some carefully. (The use of the bag is explained - so that the shattering glass will do no damage, but the glass is still visible to all.

The proper and only way to present this effect is for the performer to use a microphone, either lapel or stand type. Concealed in his hand is a small metal disc, known as the 'jumping flea'. This is 'set' by depressing the disc, and on command, the performer clicks the disc, making a sound exactly like the shattering of the cocktail glass. Or, a small metal 'cricket' will serve the purpose very well.

As the performer commands, and creates the 'breaking sound' the assistant gives the upper edge of the glass a severe thump with his finger, which breaks the glass. It is the COMBINATION of the SOUND and the actual breaking of the glass that creates a sensational effect.

As stated, considerable preparation and patience is necessary in preparing the glasses - BUT the effect is worth it.

NUMIEACLE by E. C. Grant

Effect: The mentalist states that he will attempt a test in thought reception. Any three common articles such as a knife, pen, and watch are placed in a row on the table and are to be thought of as article number one, two, and three. A spectator is to concentrate on any one of the three articles. The mentalist then gives him various numbers to add or subtract to his thought-of number. The mindreader never at any time asks the spectator -a'single question;■yet he finally tells the person what article he is thinking. of and for a climax tells the total of the person's figuring.

: Secret and Routine:. It's a matter of elimination. The figures that the performer gives the person to add and subtract to his thought-of number successively lower his total until the person cannot subtract. When he states that he cannot subtract the performer knows what his article number is and thus the article.

Ydii/H .oeed a packet of twelve special cards that make it possible to eliminate any number from one to thirteen. The number in the upper left hand corner is the number or value that (See illustration.)

' L——»»

simple-addition and subtraction, while he to be projected to the-mentalist.'

that particular card will eliminate.

For the "3 Article Test", in which the articles are numbered one,two, and three, you;;use only the ,1 and J2 cards. You will see presently why it is not necessary to use the 3 card. These two cards are placed in one of your vest pockets and you are ready to start.

Patter to the effect that 'at bests miudreading is a groping procedure, especially when the subject is untrained in the proper manner of concentrating his mind. The brain, to give off thought vibrations-,.—must-' be^&tJjmxlajted to a greater degree than is necessary for normal thinking, You have found that, a good way to stimulate a subject's mind for telepathic tests, is to have him work a mathematical problem, such as 3 concentrating on the thought

The three articles to be used in the test are layed in a row on a table and, explain that they are to be thpught of as article^one^two and three from left to right as the spectator looks at them. Ee is to concetrate

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