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Actually you have five different pairs of cards in the stand. The spectator puts his five cards in the stand also, one each in each different section. The spectator's cards go in back of your cards in the stand. The face of his card goes against the back of the cards in. the stand. While this is being done, the backs of the cards in the stand are facing the audience.

Turn the stand so the faces of the cards are towards the audience. If all the cards in the stand are not lined up, casually lift one end of the stand as you are talking about it. This will make all cards slide together.

Now remove the cards from the stand one section at a time and put pressure on the cards as you fan them. You will find that the spectator's card will stick to the back of the pair of cards you have put in the stand, so when the audience sees the cards they see a matching pair. Assuming that you are removing the cards from the stand with your right hand, fan them as soon as they are removed from the stand. (DO NOT touch the cards with your left hand as they are taken from the stand.) After the cards are fanned in the right hand, close the fan of two (really three) cards and hold in the left hand. Now go to the next section of the stand. Remove these cards. Repeat as above. Do so with each section of cards until all the cards are removed from the stand.

Now that the trick is over you will have a packet of 15 cards. Keeping the pencil dot at the top left hand corner of the cards, look through the packet and remove only every third card counting from the front of the packet. (Every third card will be the only cards that do not have any pencil dots on them). Make sure the rest of the cards (those with the pencil dots) are kept in their original positions.


The Nelson-Bergson effect titled DECISION CONTROL which appeared in Volume One of the DICTIONARY OF MENTALISM does not say what the white powder consists of. As a chemist I was able to work out a chemical formula that serves this purpose perfectly. Here is what I use.

The chemical name is Bis (para-hydroxphenyl) phthalide. The chemical formula is C6H4PH)2C2°2C6H6 and is made by the interaction of Phenol and phthalic anhydride in alfuric acid. It is commonly known as PHENOLPHALEIN. It is used in the preparation of many laxatives. This chemical is hard, to come by these days as druggists do not seem to carry it. But a substitute is obtainable in tablet form at almost any drug store and is called PHENOLAX (Used for constipation). Don't get the red tablets but try and get the white ones.

You will have to do a bit of experimenting to get the correct amount of Ammonia water and powder. Don't use household ammonia which has any type of detergent in '.t as many do have now.

I don't use the stuff as in Decision Control (that is I didn't.I don't use it at all any more).

I would cut up 3 x 5 index plain cards into two parts each and form a stack, then go from person to person and have them give me a figure, show what I had written and pass on to the next one.

On the back of each card, however I had the figures in real red ink which would total a number which I had written ahead of time as a prediction. All dropped into a hat and then added by some one and the prediction was correct.

The quality of the cards also effect the length of time it takes for the red ink to disappear. Soire make it disappear almost too fast while others take quite a while.

Another point not mentioned in the instructions Is: Don't mix the powder and ammonia too far auead of time as it becomes ineffective after an hour or two. After four or five hours there will be no color at all.


Select a magazine of 100 or more pages. On a small card write the first line of the first paragraph on pages 90 to 99 inclusive. Beside each line write a key word to indicate the advertisements, if any. The rest is based on a mathematical formula,

Have some one select a. number of three digits. Assume that the number is 721. Reversed it is 127. Subtract 127 from 721 and you get 594. No matter what number is used the middle digit will always be 9 and the sum of the two others will also be 9.

You ask your victim to cross out the first digit as unimportant, but ask what it is. When you learn that the five was crossed out you know that the last digit is 4 as 5 and 4 make 9 so you have 94.

Standing with your face to the wall permits you to extract the card from your handkerchief pocket and read,- without fear of detection. Give the first line of the paragraph and the advertisements.



"Good evening, my friends, I know that curiosity and a desire for an unusual evening of entertainment have brought you into the portals of this theatre. However, I assure you that you will not be disappointed in what you are seeking, tho I would respectfully request that you regard this theatre as my church for the evening. During the program, In which I will present genuine spirit phenomenon, and also, I warn you, several fraudulent tricks, and I challenge you to detect the fraudulent from the real. At any rate, enjoy yourselves as my guest of the evening.

"The first part of the. program will cover that phase of medium-ship known as clairvoyancy and clairaudience3 during which time I will answer and read sealed billets, also divine the thoughts in your minds - and thoughts that have not been expressed upon paper. I urge you to believe that this work is scientific and genuine.

"I am going to offer for your approval a series of experiments in mental telepathy, clairaudience and clairvoyancy, or what might be more commonly called crystal gazing. I shall not enter a lengthy discourse and tell you what is possible to do or not to do under the circumstances, but instead, I shall immediately proceed to the most interesting part of the program, that of divining the thoughts in your minds and answering your questions.

"In just a moment, my assistants will pass among you in the audience, (start now) distributing small slips of paper, upon which I suggest that you write one important question and sign your name or initials. If you do not get a slip, write the question on your own paper, or merely think of your question, as I intend to answer many this evening that have not been written, but merely thought of!

"I request that you write your questions for two reasons. First, it aids you in concentration, registering the impression on your mind much in the fashion of a sensitive plate in a camera. Second, it definitely establishes the fact that I am correct or in error in divining your question. There can be no compromise!

"Do not let your neighbor or closest friend see what you write on your paper. Incidentally, your questions will not be collected.

"When I call your name or initials, please respond immediately by saying 'here' or 'present®, and hold your hand high in the air, in order, that I may locate you promptly, and answer your question.

"Let me remind you that any noise or disturbance in the audience makes it very hard for me to get the mental impressions in the crystal and for that reason, I request that you remain as quiet as possible .

"And now the visions are beginning to form I get the initials of "

(Performer now goes into the crystal gazing act, which will consume 12 to 18 minutes, as desired. As the spectators enter the theatre, they are solicited for questions, which they write on the clip boards, the spectators retaining questions * When a sufficient number of questions have been secured,.the assistants withdraw from the lobby, and take same back stage, where the performer copies same with a very sharp pencil on a small card. This card Is placed under the crystal in the hand, and performer reads thru the crystal to get the questions. To answer questions, routining this part of the show, and how to handle the boards, effect, etc. see the two books 4betfm.cover these subjects^ "Effective Answers to Questions" and "Sensational Effects."

If the performer wishes to work 'sealed billets'»and it is a fine phase of mediumship, see the data in "Sensational Effects" book. Patter along the lines show shown in "EFFECTIVE ANSWERS."

At conclusion of crystal reading, patter like this:"The visions are now growing very dim in the crystal, and I fear that I can read no more. I must retain much of my strength for later experiments, but before passing into the second portion of my entertainment, let me show you a remarkable experiment in mental telepathy.

"Lately you have read much in the press and magazines of experiments being many universities and colleges in the true phases of mental telepathy, where it is definitely acknowledged. In mental telepathy, my experience has taught me it is much easier for the uniniatiated to send thought vibrations than to receive them'-

"Following the exact line of experiments as carried.on in our leading universities, I will ask my assistant to enter the audience with this deck of ordinary playing cards (Svengali deck) and any person mind you, any person, and I do not have any confederates or stooges planted among you» take one card. Allow no one to see it. Most of all, do not let my assistant see the card, that he might in some fashion, signal the card to me.

"Sir, I want you to make a mental picture of the card...visualize it in your mind. That is fine, my impression is that the card is a red one... answer yes or no Yes, thank you I see distinctly it is a diamond, and just a minute, count over in your mind the number of spots on this, two, three, four...yes, that's it the four of diamonds. (Applause here.)

(Assistant returns to the stage, and with a few closing remarks, the first act is closed.).

"Thank you, my friends, an excellent experiment. There will be a short intermission of five minutes, and then into the next part of the program, which will be spiritualistic manifestations. Thank you."

(The card experiment is performed with the Svengali forcing deck, and naturally the performer knows what card will be selected.)

5 Minute Intermission

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