Blindfold Cigarette Test

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Effect: Different brands of cigarettes are collected by a volunteer assistant in a borrowed hat. Performer is securely blindfolded and the hat with borrowed cigarettes is placed in front of the performer.

Performer reaches into hat, withdraws a cigarette and hands it to one of the committee, who lights cigarette and merely blows the smoke towards the performer. Performer 'sniffs' the smoke, and correctly proclaims aloud the name of the cigarette. Same procedure is repeated with several cigarettes.

Method: Effort should be made to secure as many different brands as possible. Performer is legitmately blindfolded. Prior to presentation, the performer has placed a number of different brand cigarettes in a magjcian'.s cigarette dropper, concealed just under the edge of his coat, and remembers the sequence of the cigarettes, from the bottom up in the dropper.

Striking the dropper, performer gains the first cigarette in his cupped hand. Concealing same, he reaches into the- hat, and withdraws the same cigarette and hands to a spectator to light. Of course, he knows the brand. This is repeated several times.

Fifteen or twenty cigarettes should be collected. Of course, there-will be several duplicate brands, so the performer should also arrange to have two or three duplicates in the dropper. King size cigarettes will not operate in the dropper, and should be avoided, unless the performer wishes to use one, which can be stolen from a 'bobby pin', hooked beside the dropper.

At the-conrlnalonT'-performer may passL^the--faat_j:n31. ofL cigarettes to the committee-with the compliments .of—the donors, or merely thank the donor» for the cigarettes, explaining that is the way he gets all his cigarettes - for free.

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