Auto Magic Clip Board

Abe Gordon

(Louis Tannen, Inc.)

With this clip board you DO NOT have to go "off stage to secure the information.

Spectators write their questions-on the strips of paper and after writing, they tear off the strip and keep it. After 5 questions (or less) hava-been written you take the clip board ba'ek. As you walk back to the stage or your table, the thumb of one hand presses on point A (Fig. 1) and the other hand pulls DOWN on the strip of paper at point B. This will cause the rest of the paper that is inside the clip board to roll down and around from inside. Now you have copies of the messages that were written. BUT as you can see, right now they are on the other side of the paper. All you need do is to scratch some notes on the side of the paper now towards you, as if collecting thoughts from the air. After making a few notes, shake your head as if to indicate that the thoughts are not clear. Tear off the paper and turn it over. Now you can see andr-read the spectators' questions.

To replace the paper. UnscrewH±^two~small bolts (C & D Fig. 2) and remove the metal clip. You will now see a slit in the covering of the board. (E Fig.#3) Take one sheet of the paper and slip the end in (the end that is not sectioned off into strips). Push this all the way down, till the top strip of the 5 sectioned off pieces is just below where the bottom edge of the clip will hit. Now replace the metal clip and replace the two small bolts and you are all set.

Note - A regular piece of paper has been attached uu tne ooard just under the slit; this paper is not used xrr^ritten on, but gives you the excuse fcr^ having a piece of paper to write on. Really you will be writing on the paper ~ you have pulled down from inside by the board. (In all illustrations this second paper has been left out.).

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