Anna Eva Fay Message Test

Preparation: Get a cake of white paraffin wax (the refined) and a tablet of writing paper that has not got, too much gloss on surface. Tear out a sheet carefully and rub it all over one side with the wax. Coat as even as possible, which may be done by warming wax slightly to soften it. Don't get wax soft enough to make paper greasy.

Wipe off all the wax that you can with a smooth clean white cloth and replace in tablet with a little paste, inserting it under the two top sheets with wax side DOWN. Use care in replacing so no suspicion will be attached to preparation of tablet in any way.

In this manner you prepare a number of tablets, this to be determined by the number of questions and answers you will use in test. Rule spaces off on each sheet so that several questions may be written on each sheet, asking those writing questions to keep within their allotted space so all can get a chance, and to tear off their writing along marked line and place same in their pocket, folding same securely and not allow anyone to see It until called.for.

After all space has been used up, tablets are quickly passed to assistant in wings or under stage who takes the sheets of paper that are directly under the waxed sheet, which in this instance will be the 4th one In each tablet, and having a quantity of Powdered Plumbago (Graphite) ready, same Is contained in a pan of suitable size co that sheets of paper may be dipped in same and plumbago allowed to slide off.

By this action, the black plumbago will- adhere to the writing on' sheet, caused by wax impression from the parafined sheet above, and which when party wrote question, pressed the wax sheet against this fourth sheet; and with wax adhering to copy, you will find that ycur duplicate in black will be as easily read as tho a carbon paper was' used instead of the invisible wax. ??ever run the paper that has plumbago cn it or it is: liable to blur.

To transmit the messages to visible performer on stage, a lady usually doing this part, you prepare beforehand as follows: Lady has hair dress low and under same i-j concealed a small telephone receiver, same connected with wires running down her legs and terminating in a metal plate on heel of shoe. Bottom of heel has metal point well sharpened.

A rug Is on stage and under it two small tin plates. Lady sets in chair and before doing so bears her weight down and metal point in each heel penetrates plate on floor, completing circuit. If bare stage floor is used, then there should be two metal contact places in floor and connection made by pressure without pointed calk cn heel or sole. Each plate (positive and negative) has wire attached running under stage to switchboard.

Lady is blindfolded and cits there.and assistant telephones her the various messages he has developed with plumbago, he ming a whispering mouthpiece on transmitter so audience cannot hear him while talking to the lady on stage. As fast as he telephones message to blindfolded lady and tells whose name is signed to it, the mind - reader on stage calls out the name of signer and tells him or her the question they are asking and gives such answers as she may think advisable as suitable for each specific case, elaborating as much as possible if she is sure of her ground.

Another method is to have lady on stage covered with a sheet and push .up a speaking tube to her and transmit messages to her in that way. Still another way is to have lady covered up with sheet and push messages after development up thru small slot in stage floor, and by having good light and sheet not too thick, she can read same herself and answer as she sees fit under circumstances.

Wherever possible, try when getting into a town to gather all information possible about prominent citizens and if they are in audience, and they probably will be, go the limit with them, which always will make a big hit and strengthen the belief that you are a real mind reader and can read their thoughts with ease.


This effect was originated in 1920 after witnessing some Sealed Letter Tests at Lilly Dale, N.Y. by Slater and his associates. In perfecting this interesting effect Horse Hair, Thread, Catgut have all been tried and it has been found the thin wire in which the envelope is prepared with answers is far better than any other of those mentioned.

Prepare by inserting thin wire loop in envelope so it catches in crease or fold at bottom of envelope. This being done by pushing end of wire in and under flap at lower part of envelope and allowing to pass across inside envelope and emerging at opposite side at bottom. Now twist ends together securely and slide twisted part inside envelope so the thin wire alone is outside and forms a loop the width of envelope and extends away from envelope about 3/4", Some blank cards that fit in envelope will also be required,and either a fountain pen or some good black lead pencils provided so writing will be very plain and clear and not require any hesitation, especially if light is bad.

To present effect pass out several of the blank cards along with pencils or fountain pen and request that the various spectators write their name or initials at top of card and any queition they wish answered directly underneath, making question brief so all may have an equal opportunity within the short time you are permitted to take up this special interesting feature in psychic effects.

With a stack of envelopes in left hand, all unprepared except the top one which is the. prepared one, its wire loop easily concealed by being bent downward and tpward you,, ask first spectator to insert card in top envelope face downward so you cannot see what has been written. Seal it and place underneath the pile, Pass on to others holding written messages and allow each to place cards in envelope in same way, and by way of allaying suspicion, incidentally allow cne or two to take envelope in their own hands and seal same without mentioning the fact. This later will have an influential bearing on effectH^or_i-tr"wilJ__be^ememberred-you^aJLlxwedT-

did not have the opportunity to do so.

Have your table well away from audience to allow plenty of time, for. as you turn to your table, you insert thumb or finger in wire loop and pull same, which will slit bottom edge of envelope, and allow wire to come free which being very thin may be dropped to floor if desired. Quickly note initials and message, commit same to memory and having arrived at table, place the entire pile in full riew on table.

Having done this performer should quickly formulate an answer to be given to the 1st question he has noted as he opened envelope by pulling the wire. The reading of this question should have been easily and quickly accomplished during the walk back to table, for after envelope has been slit at bottom, by squeezing the packet of envelopes the underneath one will open out sufficiently to allow a good view of its contents and having been placed writing downward, all required is a quick glance into the open slit in bottom of envelope and as you have requested short messages the memorizing should only be a matter of little practice.

You now take up top envelope that is sealed, place same to forehead and in going thru the usual methods used by psychic workers of seeming to find it difficult .to get the spirits (?) to work, you finally say "G.W.C. asks if the Gold Watch he lost will be recovered." This you remember is the message you glanced at in opened envelope and is at bottom of pile, but you are using the one ahead system you see. Ask G.W.C. if he wrote this question. He in astonishment will answer "Yes". Tell him whatever you think best, not making your answer too positive or definite.

Repeat with others, tearing each open after reading to have same verified and place at bottom of pile. Continue in this manner until all are answered, finishing with reading all the sealed ones, using the previous one you have torn open and read to verify (?) and committed to memory; for the next one is sealed and placed to forehead in turn as you proceed. At finish you may pass all back if you wish to show no substitution.

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