Alternate Book Test

Mental Stunner #2

Effect: Performer gives one of several books to any spectator} then tosses a ping,.pong baH^into-the_audJp.nce to any spectator. This spectator is to-calLaloud the-Taumber-of any page», J'his-dot^,- they-throw--tie~ball over their shoulder to any other spectator who calls another number to represent the line on the page. Again, the ball is tossed to any other spectator who states a number between one and twelve, to represent the position of the word in that line.

Spectator #1 locates the selected page, line and word, which he reads mentally. Performer requests that he concentrate on the word, and performer reproduces the chosen word on a large slate or cardboard.

Method: This effect is suitable only for stage or platform work.. Off stage, an assistant has a duplicate set of books, and notes which one is to be used. As the page number is called, he immediately locates the page, then the line and number. He quickly writes the selected word on a large slate or blackboard, and standing in the.wings holds it up so the performer can see it as performer picks up his slate.

The test can.,be done under other circumstances if the assistant can be concealed from the audience, and still hear the selection. In this case, the selected word is written faintly with pencil on the frame of.a slate. A,.bit of stalling is required. Assistant brings on slate, hands :it to performer and the trick is concluded.

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