Advance Preparation

A publicity campaign of such magnitude and sensational nature requires considerable advance planning. The proper publicity contacts are necessary and your best contact is always the theatre in which you are appearing. The management are constant advertisers, and have the required 'in* with the newspapers by virtue of the money they spend.

Naturally, any theatre you play will give you their cooperation in presenting such a publicity-getting stunt. In fact, everybody involved will mutually benefit - the performer, newspaper, bakery, store and public officials. They are all beneficiaries to the stunt. Everyone has something to gain. NONE are asked any special favors.

Get the picture clearly from the start. The Hentalist knows the stunt means great and favorable publicity for him - further fame and financial profit. The newspaper gets an exclusive story (a considerable inducement) and is a party to an event of great local interest. Further, it is granting a favor to a constant advertiser (the theàtre) and the bakery, also an advertiser.

The bakery achieves a lot of publicity that it couldn't buy for dollars, and undoubtedly can be easily induced to take extra advertising space in the newspaper. The store who gives the window space gets in on a swell publicity tie-up, and can be induced to advertise the stunt in their ads. All can be arranged to tell the story of what, when and where, which ties in all the participants.

The campaign evolves itself into a cooperative affair, each helping the other, and everybody gaining in a greater proportion to their efforts and investments so, when planning such a publicity tie-up, realize you are not ASKING FAVORS of the participants, but granting them an opportunity to cooperate and participate in g. gr&af-publlc±ty--9tunt from which they will derive much benefit.

Your first contact should be with the theatre management, and thru their press department. Have the theatre manager phone or accompany you and their , press agent to the newspaper, where you expound the idea. (After you have successfully performed this a few times, and have a scrap book of notices from other cities, the tie-up will be extremely easy«)

You do not ask any of those involved in the promotion to cheat! You are out to fool them the same as the public. Some may expect tMsf-irtièn—itidoes not..occur, you will win even greater admiration.

Tf rbp mpnf a 1 isr i o-nn-tr -pl aying rx^gul ar trh-fta tre 3 but some—eveTrtr~under_. ..axis-pices, a convent ion,—etc-.,—arrangements and contacts-ar& made thru the officers. Lodge, club and other organization affiliations always help create the desired effects. You are seeking cooperation - not favors of skullduggery!

With your theatre or auspicies management, make your newspaper contact. Sell them - if not one newspaper, another. Let THEM suggest the bakery - they know the local scene best, and may wish to throw a favor themselves. Have them call the bakery, and send along a man for your first contact on arranging to have the prediction baked in the bread. Thru the newspaper, have them make contact with the Mayor. They soon become a part and parcel of the deal. Contact the Mayor - and what Mayor is NOT eager for added publicity ?

His ego is flattered in being asked to participate - that he is an official above reproach., Further, he is anxious to favor a request from the newspaper - especially when it means publicity. If the Mayor cannot be had, other public officials can be contacted - a prominent clergyman, doctor, professor - anyone in high repute. Make sure this person will be present when the prediction is revealed. His presence to identify and confirm,are absolutely necessary.

With the campaign thus far arranged., the securing of a prominent store window for the display of the bread is extremely easy... Again - let the newspaper give you the lead - or arrange it. You are all ready to go - and if you are a good promotor, why not promote the Hospital or a prominent medical clinic for the free x-ray picture, which will be mentioned in the newspaper stories, on the stage and in the window display. Here again - the newspaper may give you a lead of. the best .contact for the x-ray picture,.

your investment to date - a few hours on personal contacts. The possibilities are that you have 'set' unlimited great publicity and financial gain.

If the Mayor is used, means should be taken to assure that he will be the opening of the box. To identify his secret mark and signature, complimentary tickets should be provided the participants to assure their attendance and final good graces.

After you have completed all the preliminary plans and not before, you are ready to begin the MIRACLE PREDICTION OF THE AGE.'! You have the plot - the stage is set.'!!

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