New Mental Telepathic


Introduction to the Act

The. performer begins by stating he will be glad to demonstrate a.few good feats of genuine telepathy - he, himself acting as the recipient, and the audience collectively as the propelling force of the thoughts to be pro-jected.


"Ladies and gentlemen - during my absence from amongst you, it is my desire that you shall first of all agree on some particular object located within the room, and then upon my return you are to concentrate the entire force of your thoughts upon that particular object, and the place where it is located. It shall be my task to find that object, and if your thoughts are properly propelled, I' doubt be successful. I shall leave the room while you make this decision and return when you call me. Upon my return I will desire you to remain very quiet and in no way, other than mental concentration, give any indication of the objects of your thoughts.

Your tests may be compound or simple - it should make no difference - - - - for example, you can decide on s word written on any page of any book, and I will try to find that self same word of your thoughts, but in such a test you will first concentrate upon the location of the book Itself, which may or may not be hidden from view. When I have found the book, you will then change thoughts to the particular page upon which the desired word appears, and last of all, the identical word itself. If you all understand as I think you do, I believe the test will be successful. We will first of all begin wish a very simple one - the finding of any given object upon which you may collectively decide.. I will now retire from the room - and await your signal when to enter."

The Effect in General

The performer upon being told to re-enter the room, does so very slojjf and impressively, not paying the slightest attention to anyone present, slowly he circles the room, and at iast comeo to a halt in the general direction and location of the article chosen for the test. Then slowly js&ss-ing his hands over the objects, he finally selects the correct one, and exclaims - "This is the object." ' If there is something to be done with the article, the performer,states without any hesitation, "I have not yet fully completed your test, so kindly concentrate."

The performer then, in the same impressive manner as before, and amid prevailing silence, carries out the remainder of the test - finally stating, "That is ail that you have willed me to do." The effect is repeated with as many different tests as the audience may select.

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