Mental Mystery

POSSIBLY ONE OF THE BEST MENTAL EFFECT'S EVER DEVISED which we are now proud so offer to the magical fartermly. you will use this Time and Time «jinm/Sensational VISUAL mental magic that sells on sight here in the studio a sure-fire winner must for any mentalist wilt want TO add this to your repertoire!!!

IMAGINE... a spectator (forced) GASPS as she sees the potential of REAL MYSTERY vanish IN FRONT OF HLR EYES!!! Even when her head is in her own bands! A selected word in a hook is spelt using borrowed alphabet card placed under a handkerchief from a list of ESP cards printed on laminated realistic RED painted wood which is chosen by a spectator who writes down her choice on a small folded square of paper on a clipboard. YET EVEN UNDER THESE CONDITIONS you are able to correctly predict a number between one and tour three on a rolled-up bit of paper in a SEALED Envelop in a WALLET which was IN YOUR POSSESSION since before she wrote on a pad which poker chip to place in the change-bag! BUT WAIT!! Th c magician CLEANLY AND OPENLY places his reputation into the toilet (they can even look at their own watchesiBUT THF.RES MORE... a SURPRISE shock will WOW them right under there noses! No palms, switches, magnets, memory work or skill of any kind whatsoever is needed in this KILLER effect that YOU CAN DO STRAIGHT AWAY. Uses special breakaway thread (adult patter supplied). As HARD as the spectator tries, she is UNABLE to CARE! Her indifference to everything you do is seen TO BE ABSOLUTLY SOLID!! This SENS A TIPS'A L TRIPLE CUM A X IS 4 REAL knomtm.

This classic effect and many more can be done with MENTAL MYSTERY. Until now this effect has only been possible using unweildy stylish presentation and difficult creative thought. This is EASY TO DO even if you have had your brain removed, which incidentally I can do for you. Perform MIRACLE after MIRACLE, stealing material RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES!! Duplicate a SIGNED routine every time! Share your climaxes with others from now on! Available spiral-bound in red Bicycle with the special gimmick. 223 pages.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

Unlock the Powers of Mental Concentration to Influence Other People and to Change Situations. Learn How to mold the mind one-pointed, until you have focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object.

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