Derren Brown

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Derren Brown and his lovely cat Spasm relaxing at home.

When a performance is over, what remains? Fun can be forgotten, but powerful emotion also disappears and good arguments lose their thread. When emotion and argument are harnessed to a wish from the audience to see more clearly into itself - then something in the mind burns. The event scorches onto the memory an outline, a taste, a trace, a smell - a picture. It is the play's central image that remains, it's silhouette, and if the elements are highly blended this silhouette will be its meaning, this shape will be the essence of what it has to say. When years later I think of a striking theatrical experience I find a kernel engraved on my memory, two tramps under a tree, an old woman dragging a cart, a sergeant dancing, three people on a sofa in hell - or occasionally a trace deeper than any imagery. I haven't a hope of remembering the meanings precisely, but from the kernel I can construct a set of meanings. Then a purpose will have been served. A few hours could amend my thinking for life. This is almost but not quite impossible to achieve.

From Peter Brook's The Empty Space.

We are proud to be able to offer the magical fraternity this series of manuscripts that Derren made in the 1990s. Although originally nothing more than a few blank sheets of paper tied together with string, we have been able to reconstruct them as he would have wanted had he cared. This first volume represents the best of his output, before he eventually retired to concentrate upon his second great love - contributing short stories to the specialist magazine Wheelchair Fellatio.


A Moment of Your Exceptionally Valuable Time 9

Part Ore - (Practical)

Making Contact 13

Realising the wonder - My priorities - Combining magic and mentalism

Working With the Spectator... In Mind 19

Working from the spectators' perspectives - Not being an arse Establishing contexts - Providing meaning - Tabula rasa Anchoring

Risk and Delight 31

Dealing with obvious solutions - Bold handlings of classic effects Incorporating chance

Part Two - (Magical Artistry)

"Zamiel's Card." 55

The magician removes real cards from an invisible deck to find the selection.

A Three Card Routine 63

The audience are entertained and exhausted by the magical antics of three cards.

"Magicall" 87

The cards become a mobile telephone and the performer calls a helpline to find the selected card.

Magno Conatu Magnus Nugas

A selection of moves, sleights and assorted nonsenses.

Part TVee - (Direct 'Wrewfag)

Invisible Compromise and an Approach to Mind Reading 101

Communicative subtleties 107

You're Supposed to be Reading Minds 113

"Smoke" 119

A thought-of card disappears from a deck and appears in place of the magician's cigarette.

"Plerophoria" 129

The spectator fairly shuffles a deck and the magician is able to identify every card and any number removed, with his back turned.

"Perfect Coin Reading" 145

The performer can tell the denomination and date of a coin held in a spectator's fist without at any point seeing the coin.

"Transformation" 149

An intimate, metaphorical routine using numerological readings from cards.

Two Verbal Card Forces 155

Methods for forcing mental selections, using only suggestion and gesture. No cards are used.

Final Thoughts 161

Than k-y ous T 163

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