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You now need to embark on a relaxed fishing expedition to find the card. The presence of the Eight and Seven will create uncertainty on the spectator's part as to whether the card is high or low in value. This, coupled with a bold ploy on your part to begin the procedure will take you to the card very quickly.

Here is how I begin: "Now I would like you to relax and concentrate on that card. In fact, say it to yourself, over and over again - The Queen Of Hearts, The Queen of Hearts, The Queen Of Hearts...[If there is no response here, continue without pausing] -whatever it is, and see the card in front of you on a screen. So you are saying it to yourself and seeing it. It's a black card - The Two of Spades"

Here I am using a subtlety suggested by Jerry Sadowitz in The Crimp. If you are to guess the colour with a fifty percent chance of being wrong, you may as well throw in a specific card too. The chances are not in your favour of it being correct, but if it is, you have named the card miraculously fast. If it is not, you merely say, undaunted, "But it is a black card." If she responds negatively to this, you have been no more wrong than had you merely guessed the colour. But not only did you give yourself the chance of a miracle, but you can also strike another card from the list of possibilities. In fact, your choices are now only

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