Remote Viewing Performance Tips

Remote Viewing is ideal as the second effect in your act. After wowing the audience with your first illusion, you explain how you got one of them to make a drawing beforehand and ask them to produce the envelope. Hold it up to your forehead for a while then announce "No - I'm not getting it - let's try something else." Place the envelope somewhere in full view and never touch it again. Move on to some other illusions. You can then reveal the drawing much later as your penultimate effect, even having another couple of failed attempts during the show as a running gag.

On the subsequent attempts, just stare at the envelope rather than holding it and again announce that you're still not getting it and move on.

Alternative methods for doing this type of experiment include observing the tip of the pen or pencil as the spectator makes their drawing to learn what it is and even special electronic clipboards that transmit the drawing to the performer, who views it on a tiny TV screen.

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