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i. Reverse the positions of the spectator and volunteer cards. This allows you to show the cards to volunteer first, then approach the audience, cutting the volunteer cards to the bottom as you do so.

ii. Less spectacular but this effect can be performed one-on-one by removing the spectator cards. You then show your volunteer just the two top cards as examples of the cards, before cutting them to the bottom and commencing the effect.

iii. Holding the cards by the right hand edge allows you to fan them either to your volunteer or spectators. At most, they will see the words "Think of ..." on the cards, a powerful psychological misdirection that makes them believe all the cards are different without you having to say so.

However you choose to perform this effect, the dual reality principle is at the cutting edge of modern mentalism. It can be used to give the illusion that a performer is divining complete memories of past events; the sights, sounds, smells and feelings associated with a particular experience. Once again, with a little thought and imagination, the force card technique used for 'Four Thought' can be adapted into a whole range of mind reading effects. Have fun!

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