Effect 8 A Coin in the Hand

You invite a spectator to take a coin from their pocket and behind their back to conceal it in one of their fists. They bring their fists in front and time and time again you correctly guess in which hand they've hidden the coin.

When the spectator brings their fists into view, you're looking for visual clues as to which hand contains the coin. Look for the following:

i. The direction their nose is pointing - seriously!

ii. Which fist looks more clenched. Look for whiteness around the knuckles.

You won't necessarily get a match on both of these clues but since you already have a 50% chance of getting it right just by guessing, a hit in one of these significantly increases the chance of getting it right.

Be prepared to get this one wrong occasionally. You can turn it around and pay a compliment to your spectator, saying "You're really good at this!

Also remember to stop while you're ahead. Correctly guessing just 3 or 4 times is enough to complete the effect. Don't push your luck by carrying on - because the spectator will then try to catch you out.

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