Effect 6 Find the Lady

You show three playing cards, one a queen and the other two ordinary number cards. You place them face down and shuffle them around rapidly then invite a spectator to find the lady (the queen). Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Then you invite them to shuffle the cards and you find the lady. You win every time.

The cards are then turned face up and the same thing is done, this time with your back turned so you can't see the cards. Once again your are able to consistently predict where the spectator will place the Queen.

Find the Lady was a favorite trick amongst street con artists. To make the first part of the routine work, you need to mark the back of the queen so you can always find it. This should be done very subtly so only you know what to look for.

Look at the two card backs below:

The card on the right has been marked by carefully coloring in one of the white birds on the cyclist's left shoulder to match the backing. Depending on the back design, you can mark the card in anyway you like - so long as you can easily find the queen.

It is also possible to buy whole decks of marked cards but some systems are rather obvious.

Just remember to only use marked cards for entertainment purposes - never involve real money betting in Find the Lady.

To make this effect really work, you'll need to improvise patter based on where they place the Lady. For instance:

"OK, so you put the Queen on the left last time, now most people will put it in the same place the second time but you don't seem like most people. I reckon you'll have put it in the middle."

"So you put the Queen on the left the first time and in the middle the second time.

A lot of people would then go back to the left but you know I'm expecting you not to do the obvious, so you would have stuck in the middle.

Except you didn't - you suspected I'd know that so have gone for the right hand side!"

For the second part of the routine you need a confederate. They signal to you the position of the Queen.

One method you could use is to have your confederate sit or stand with his chin in his hand.

His forefinger indicates the position of the Queen, as below:

His forefinger indicates the position of the Queen, as below:

And of course, make sure your confederate sits in a position where you can easily see them without making strange movements. A casual glance out into the audience should be enough.

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