Effect 4 Remote Viewing

Before the show, ask one of the spectators to draw a simple design or picture, seal it in an envelope and keep it with them. Later during the show, you invite them to think about the picture and after some concentration you draw something on a notepad. You ask the spectator to open their envelope and reveal the drawing they made. You spin your notepad around to reveal a matching drawing.

You need to make a gimmick to achieve this effect. You need one of those clipboards made of cardboard with a plastic coating. Black is best. You can find these in most cheap stationers. Using a sharp craft knife, carefully cut along the bottom of the clipboard to form an opening across the whole width.

Next take a piece of carbon paper and tape it to a sheet of A4 paper at the top. Slide this into the flap in the clipboard until it is completely inside. Now glue the flap shut and using a black marker pen, color the cardboard to match the plastic on the clipboard. The gimmick is ready.

When you ask the spectator to make a drawing, give them the pad with a couple of sheets of paper clipped in it and a fairly short pencil. A shorter pencil forces them to press harder on the paper, thus creating a clearer carbon impression on the hidden sheet inside.

In secret before you begin your show, peel back the plastic and carefully remove the paper inside. The spectator's drawing will be clearly visible thanks to the carbon paper.

Most people will draw something simple like a house, a car or a face - so it shouldn't be too difficult to remember. However, it doesn't matter if you get it slightly wrong - in fact, it may even look more like real mind-reading.

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