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This is an experiment in telepathy and automatic writing. Two spectators are used. The first chooses one of the five Zener designs. The second is blindfolded and given a white board and a marker pen. The first spectator is asked to concentrate on their chosen Zener card and the second spectator lets the pen drift lightly across the board to produce unconscious automatic writing.

The design drawn by the second spectator matches the card selected by the first!

You need to prepare a few gimmicks for this one. First obtain 5 A4 sized pieces of white card. Using a marker pen, draw the five Zener symbols on the cards - one design on each card. If you're right handed, do this with your left hand and vice versa. This makes the design very rough. Now make a few other lines and splodges across the symbol.

You also need to completely dry out a marker pen so it no longer writes.

In performance, spectator 1 is seated on the left of the stage and spectator 2 on the right, both facing the audience. Spectator 1's chair should be positioned slightly further forward than spectator 2's chair, so they can't look across and see what is being written.

Spectator 2 is blindfolded and asked to relax.

"The blindfold is to shut out external stimulae and help you concentrate."

Approaching spectator 1, you fan out the five ESP cards face up, ask him to take one and to concentrate on the design.

At this point, note which card he takes.

At the back of your table, have the 5 prepared boards in order (circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star) with the blank side facing the audience. Obviously, they need to be stored out of site. A cardboard folder pinned hanging down the back of the table is ideal.

Take care to keep the blank side facing the audience at all times when you remove it.

Rest the card vertically on Spectator 2's knees and ask them to hold it with their non-writing hand. Now hand the dried out marker to spectator 2 and position the pen just lightly touching the board.

Explain to the spectator that the pen must rest lightly on the card all the time for automatic writing to take place. Their writing arm must be held up unsupported. Don't let them rest their arm on their lap.

"Automatic writing is done by the unconscious mind. Don't think about what to write, don't deliberately move your arm; just allow it move on its own under unconscious control."

Ask spectator 1 to concentrate on their card and 'will' the design to spectator 2. After a while, check the whiteboard and say

"There are a few lines but nothing distinct. (Spectator 1) you're doing really well - I'm getting the image very strongly.

(Spectator 2) is almost there but needs a little help. Let's get everyone involved."

Ask spectator 1 to simply show his chosen card to the audience.

"Can everyone see that? Good. Now, nobody must say anything but I want you all to concentrate on that design and 'will' it to (Spectator 2). Let's go ..."

After a while, return to spectator 2 and say,

"OK I think you can stop. This is really interesting ..."

Take the pen from the spectator and put it in your pocket. Place the white board in their lap, blank side up and remove their blindfold. Let their eyes adjust and say

"Keep that card in your lap for just a moment please ..."

Turn to your audience and say

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you. You've all achieved something really remarkable tonight. You all concentrated on the 'star' design (or whichever was chosen) and have successfully transmitted that thought to another person."

Ask spectator 2 to stand and turn over the white card to show the design.

"There is the evidence. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you once again! And a round of applause for our two brilliant volunteers!"

Easy Mentalism Part 2


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