Effect 29 Crafty Stooge Selection

Here's a great way of ensuring a required stooge is selected from a group, seemingly at random.

Take a bunch of blank business cards and seemingly draw a cross on one of them. In reality, just scratch the card with your fingernail -no cross is drawn.

Your stooge already has an identical card with a cross drawn on it.

Mix the cards and hand them to a spectator in the same row that your stooge is sitting. They should be sitting perhaps two away from your stooge. Ask him to keep the cards face down, take one and pass the rest to the spectator next to him (in the direction of your stooge).

Each spectator in the row takes a card and passes the rest to the person next to them. Once everyone has a card, ask the spectators to turn over their card to see who has the one with a cross on it.

At this point, your stooge switches his card for the pre-prepared card and so joins you on stage to assist with your next effect.

Your stooge can think of a pre-arranged number, childhood memory, country, playing card, city, favourite film etc that you are then able to correctly divine without anything ever being written down.

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