Effect 27 Drunk on Water

A spectator drinks water that you supply. Despite it being purely water, they display signs of drunkenness.

This is a throwaway stunt that can lighten the mood when used appropriately.

Get an empty wine bottle (and cork) and fill it with water. Invite your spectator on stage, hand them a plastic cup and uncork the wine bottle.

"I want to show you how to save a fortune when buying expensive wine."

Pour some water into their cup.

"This bottle used to contain wine. But I drank it. This is just water. Take a sip to confirm that ..."

"Not even expensive mineral water but just tap water, yes?"

Your spectator confirms this.

"OK. Now in a moment I'm going to ask you to take another sip of water. It will still taste like water but your brain will believe it is wine. Take another sip ... tastes the same yes?"

"It tastes the same but your brain thinks you're drinking wine. Take a really big gulp now ..."

"This experiment has been performed with large groups of people at a party. Half the group were given alcohol, the other half water. Over the course of an evening, the half drinking water became just as drunk as those drinking alcohol."

"Let's try something. We know that alcohol affects coordination. Here's a really simple test of co-ordination."

Extend both your arms, holding them about 1 metre apart. Now extend each forefinger and bring your arms together so both forefingers touch. Practice doing this until you can do it quite quickly. Demonstrate the move for your spectator.

Ask your volunteer to do the same. They must bring their fingers together quickly. Invariably they will miss.

"No like this ..." and perform the move again.

Again they try and fail.

"OK. Take another sip of water. This time your brain knows that its water. The effects of the wine wear off - the water cleanses your system and you return to normal.

"Thank you. You can drive home safely now

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