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A male volunteer places his wallet, watch and a coin on the table. Turning your back, you invite him to place each of those objects into his front left and right and one of his back trouser pockets.

Turn around and explain that through subtle use of body language, you can determine which object was placed in which pocket. After looking him up and down for a while, you correctly name the location of each object,

For this effect, you need a confederate who signals to you where each object has been placed.

You can use a similar system revealed in Find the Lady or one of your own devising. For instance, your confederate folds him arms, signalling 1, 2 or 3 by how many fingers he shows on the uppermost hand. Your volunteer is positioned behind you and you turn your back to face the audience and your confederate.

You need a volunteer with, not surprisingly, a watch, a wallet and some loose change - at least one coin.

Here's how it works. Ask the volunteer to pick up any object and place it in his left trouser pocket. Each object is assigned a predetermined number.

1 - "Wone" equals "Wallet

3 - "Three" equals coin "Three-penny bit"

Work round the positions in the same order every time you perform this effect: Left front pocket, right front pocket, either back pocket. So for example, you ask the spectator to choose an object to place in his left trouser pocket. The spectator chooses the coin, so your confederate signals "3".

You then ask the spectator to choose an object to place in his right front pocket. He chooses the wallet and your confederate signals "1".

The third object can go in either rear pocket. A signal is not required for the third object.

All you need to do is remember the two digit sequence: 3, 1 in the example above or it might be 2, 1 if the watch went in the left pocket and wallet went in the right. Doesn't matter!

Explaining that the effect is achieved through subtle body language is a nice double entendre. You are reading body language - but its a secret language between you and your confederate, not that of the spectator! You can also explain that people tend to respond to certain psychological principles. As an example you state that most men place the wallet in their right trouser pocket, or most men place the watch in their right trouser pocket, whatever is the case.

Or you can say "Most men place the wallet in their left trouser pocket but you're a little unusual; you've placed the coin in the left pocket!"

Reveal each placement as above, with enough psycho babble to explain it and your audience will be amazed!

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