Effect 19 More Remote Viewing

You hand 5 ESP cards, a notepad and pencil to a spectator. Turning your back, you ask him to look through the five designs, choose one that appeals and draw it on the notepad. As he does this, you draw on a notepad of your own.

When the two notepads are turned over, you've both drawn the same symbol!

This effect relies on two principles:

i. Out of the five Zener designs (circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star), the star and the wavy lines are the ones most psychologically appealing and commonly chosen.

ii. The five designs are made up of one, two, three, four and multiple lines respectively.

By giving the spectator a short pencil, they automatically use more force to draw the design. You should be able to hear the pencil moving across the notepad and from the number of lines you hear drawn, determine which symbol they chose.

If you couldn't hear clearly make an educated guess between the star and wavy lines based on what you did manage to hear.

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