Effect 18 Cutting Cards by Touch

Producing a deck of cards, you announce that through years of practice you are able to cut to any number of cards called out, simply by touch.

A spectator calls out a random number, say 23. Placing your hand gently over the deck, you cut off a packet of cards and give it to the spectator. He counts them and finds there are indeed 23 cards.

This effect requires some practice but nowhere near as much as your patter would suggest.

You'll need a 'stripper' or 'wizard' deck of cards, available from magic dealers. In a stripper deck, each card tapers slightly so they are wider at one end than the other. If all the cards are the same way round, and one card is then reversed, you can feel the wider end protruding out where the other cards are thinner.

There are two ways of setting up the deck to perform dead-cutting. Either reverse every tenth card or arrange the deck in packets of four, with each packet of four in the reverse position from the one next to it.

When the spectator has called their random number, use your thumb to count off the separate packets to get as close to their number as possible. Keep your thumb at the back, out of sight of the spectator when performing this maneouvre.

Once you've cut roughly to their number, hold the pack slightly open with your little finger and then let drop or pick up with your thumb, enough cards to complete the cut.

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