Effect 16 Numerical Prediction

You produce a sealed envelope and announce it contains a numerical prediction. Placing the envelope on the table for the moment, you hand a small piece of card and a pen to a spectator and ask them to write a number between 1 and 1000 on the card.

This done, the spectator hands the card and pencil to another spectator and you invite them to do the same, writing their number below the first one. This is repeated with a third spectator before the card and pencil are retrieved.

The card, pencil and sealed envelope are handed to a fourth spectator who is asked to total the three numbers written on the card. When he's done this, he opens the envelope and finds that your prediction matches the total of the three numbers.

Write three numbers between 1 and 1000 in different handwriting on a card. Find the total, write this on another card and seal it in an envelope.

A blank card is handed to the three spectators. When you retrieve it, turn your back and walk towards the table to fetch the envelope. This gives you sufficient opportunity to swap the card for the one you wrote on earlier. Hand the prepared card and envelope to the fourth spectator and the effect is complete. What you must ensure is that the fourth spectator is sitting far from the other three so they do not realize the numbers added are different to theirs.

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