Effect 11 Key Bending

You toss a quantity of keys onto the table and invite your spectators, along with you, to choose a couple and trying bending the keys with mind power. As they rub their keys in vain, you announce that one of the keys you chose is bending. As your spectators watch intently, the bend becomes ever more visible. But when they try to replicate the bend using their bare hands, they find it impossible. The explanation - you bent the key with mind power!

When you choose your keys, pick up a mortice style key and a Yale style key. When your spectators are absorbed in rubbing their keys and trying to bend them with their minds, slip the Yale key in the mortice key as shown below, covering the move with your hands.

This provides the leverage you need to bend the Yale key with your hands. Just make sure everyone is absorbed with their own bending when you perform the move.

Discard the mortice key and hide most of the Yale key with your fingers. As you rub, slide the Yale key into view, revealing more of the bend as you do. If you hold the key vertically with the teeth pointing up and rotate it downwards as you rub, the illusion of movement can be created. Some spectators will swear they saw the

key bending as you rubbed it.

All metal bending, whether it involves keys, forks or spoons, uses a similar method. Despite what some (very famous) performers claim, it simply is not possible to bend metal with the power of the mind. Every bend you've ever seen is achieved by sleight of hand and misdirection.

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